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01.03.2007 General News

Ghana is a role model — McKinnon

The Secretary General of the Commonwealth, Don McKinnon has noted that Ghana is a role model of the modern Commonwealth of Nations.

He said the achievements of Ghana since independence from colonial rule should be a lesson for all Commonwealth countries, especially those in Africa.

Mr McKinnon said Ghana had shown the way that given the push and the freedom to manage its own affairs, a lot could be achieved.

He was addressing a gathering of Ghanaians in London as part of activities to mark Ghana's Golden Jubilee.

It was a massive praise and worship programme at the prestigious Westminster Methodist Central Hall in London.

Thousands of Ghanaians, together with some friends of Ghana, congregated at the hall which was filled to capacity.

The occasion also brought together almost all Ghanaian churches and prominent singing groups in the UK.

The programme was organised and co-ordinated by the Committee of Supporting Ghanaian Churches and supported by the Ghana High Commission in the UK.

Among other things, it was used to celebrate the socio-economic, educational and political achievements of the missionaries in the Gold Coast and later Ghana.

For many Ghanaians who have lived in the UK for many years and have attended events in the Ghanaian community, last weekend's event will go down well, not only in terms of what it marked but also the very big attendance and remarkable punctuality.

Mr McKinnon noted that Ghana had not relinquished its determination to be the hope of Africa which was exhibited in the vision of the first political leader of Ghana after its independence, Dr Kwame Nkrumah.

He recalled that Ghana before independence was called the Gold Coast, a name which largely depicted the character, ability and the riches of the people of the land.

“I believe the real gold is the people themselves,” the Commonwealth Secretary General said.

“This is evident in the quality of the “golden” politicians, soldiers, journalists, sportsmen, especially footballers, Ghana has. I am proud of you,” he added.

He commended the high quality individuals from Ghana who, by dint of hard work, had helped the Commonwealth, the UN and other international organisations to raise the hope of the hopeless worldwide.

He paid special tribute to the Immediate Past Secretary-General of the UN, Mr Kofi Annan, for his yeoman's contribution to humanity.

He acknowledged that it had not been smooth for the country, saying, “You have had your days of sorrow, days of joy, days of hope, days of despair; you have had your days of ups and downs, but all have been incredible lessons for shaping your country”.

Ghana's High Commissioner to the UK, Mr Annan Cato, noted the divine blessings which had seen the country prospering in all spheres of endeavour.

“It is significant that the focus of tonight's event is praise and thanksgiving. God has been good to Ghana. No value can be put to the blessings that Ghana has received; no value can be put to the role that the churches of various descriptions have played in the lives of Ghanaians — in education, healthcare delivery, economic development and in cultural manifestation,” he said.

Source: Daily Graphic