Nollywood Affairs | May 26, 2018

Prince Neche A Popular Comedian Based In The South East Took To His Facebook Page To Share Some Advice To Event Organizers And Music To Upcoming Artists…

Yesterday I stepped into a music studio to see a producer on a very important issue and then I heard how much these artistes pay to record a song, just one song and that’s not all.

They begin to beg bloggers to help them blog the song and they pay another token. Friendly bloggers might blog free for them but it doesn’t take away the stress.

And after all these, one show organiser will bring them to a show and not pay them or at least take care of their logistics even if its transportation fare?THATS NOT RIGHT!!!

These artiste spend as much as 15k for recording and that’s for cheap producers, it gets higher oo and another 15k for promotion making it 30k and you call them to perform for you for free. Sometimes you even treat them like rags, and go as far as asking them to buy tickets to the same show they are performing. THATS NOT RIGHT!!!

The least you can do is appreciate them, it mustn’t be called payment, maybe honorarium will sound better. And it’s a different case when they decide to do it for free just to support you, But don’t leave them empty handed. You might say their song is wack, then go for those that recorded good stuff. Do an audition if need be but dont, I repeat, DONT take these artistes for granted. They put in a lot financially even more than we the Comedians.

Now to UPCOMING ARTISTES, if you are going to spend this much on a song, please I beg you in the name of God, give it your best. Don’t spend money to record rubbish. There’s enough recession in this country for you to waste 15k and above doing bullshit.

Secondly, add a little value to your self. Its not every show that you see that you will run to back stage and be begging to perform. So many of you do it so much that when shows are planned, the planners don’t bother to call artistes.

They go ahead with their plans because they know you people will come to beg and then they will use you to open show.

Now this doesn’t mean you should kill your hustling spirit, but just value that spirit a little.

Finally, I know this this hard, but please don’t go to shows you were not invited. There’s enough trouble from shows you were invited for you to add the ones that nobody called you to. If you must attend, buy ticket and sit in a corner, observe and encourage your fellow artistes. Shout and scream for them because if you want honour, you must honour.

The real finally, SHUN PRIDE!!! this one has killed most careers that hasn’t even started. You just released one single that Nobody has heard and you have already burst ear, draw tattoo, plait hair, carry girls in twos up and down and now follow me to be trekking. Somebody can no longer advice you because you’re now a “Musician”….. I PITY YOU!!!

Some of you will be carrying guitar up and down, just to show that you are now into music. Uncle it’s not by carrying guitar o, thats not what makes you a good musician, let your work speak for you. After all how many times have you seen a prostitute carrying bed?

Put in your best and stay humble, that’s how to get to the top. I don’t know what else to say.

I wrote this from my little experience of the entertainment Industry, I could be right or I could be totally wrong.

But then what do I know kwanu?
Shebi I am just an ordinary comedian.
do you agree with what he said..

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