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Not Imitating The Deeds Of Others' Faith

Unless you and I understand that we have been created as human beings, and it's true God wants us consummated as THE BRIDE. Yet, the BRIDE (CHURCH) is a physical BODY it has sinews, cells, molecules, bone parts, arms, legs, I could go on with the anatomical description of the BODY ENDLESSLY as a fascinating old agronomist.

God created and called us into the body as individuals whom God alone will assign to us our body functionalities, spiritual talents ( not raw talent) in that single container with no one human beings been the same. We are also called not for the whole world wide except some WHO will function as APOSTLES and EVANGELIST. Each teacher, prophet, and builder or leading ones also known as the SERVING MINISTRY (whom others call pastor) is called for the specific locality or the local church.

This ORGANIC structure of the CHURCH enjoys the presence of God in each locality headed by the grace of God and His HOLY SPIRIT directing the affair of those local churches to be globally or wide world. Doing the same thing DIRECTING all churches to serve ONE GOD,ONE SON, AND ONE HOLY SPIRIT, by faith bounded by love for their SALVATION. Teaching and learning from the same TRUTH feeding them with the same WORD, which is the FEED or BREAD of Jesus Christ our LORD and LIFE.

Yet faith is the material needed to unite us in Jesus Christ our LORD. Faith displayed by us attract others to the SALVATION offered the world through JESUS CHRIST.

Heb. 6:12 That you may not be sluggish, but imitators of those who through faith and long-suffering are inheriting the promises.

13:7 Remember the ones leading you, who have spoken to you the word of God; and considering the issue of their manner of

life, imitate their faith.
Living faith never imitates past deeds. The Bible never tells us to imitate the deeds of others' faith even though it tells us to imitate others' faith (Heb. 6:12; 13:7). To imitate

faith and to imitate the deeds of faith are two entirely different things.

We should imitate the faith of the apostles, but we should not imitate the deeds of their faith.

Their shadows, handkerchiefs, and aprons were capable of healing the sick (Acts 5:15; 19:12), but this does not mean that we can do the same. Even if we do the same thing, the

sick will not be healed because we would only be imitating the deeds of the apostles' faith and not their faith.

Sometimes a person suffers from a certain illness and God heals him. But this does mean that we can be sick with the same illness and expect God to heal us. God never allows us

to imitate the deeds of others' faith. We often travel a long way before we find out that we are imitating the deeds of others' faith instead of imitating their faith. We often have to pass through many difficulties before we find out that imitating the deeds of faith is a dead end.

When we cannot make it and realize that we have come to the end of the road, our prayer will become real and genuine.

Only then will we really seek after God. Up to that point, our prayer will merely be mindless words, habitual and unintended. But when we reach that point, our prayer will become genuine. We will become genuinely empty, and we will confess, "I am useless. Even the victory I had before cannot help me now."

Then we will genuinely seek after the Lord and
be conscious of our uselessness. We will not need someone to tell us to be humble; we will spontaneously be humble. Our humility will not be a thing taught by others but something that swells up within us spontaneously. Then we will truly know that everything we have is vanity, and we will understand the meaning of "apart from Me you can do nothing"

(John 15:5).
This ministerial responsibility and functionality are not taught only, but BY THE GRACE AND POWER of GOD ALONE. IT'S GOD WHO GIVES US EVERYTHING ACCORDING TO HIS WISDOM.

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