Europe | Sep 10, 2018

German Police Seize Luxury Cars In Front Of Labour Offices

The police in Duisburg-Germany seized several cars in front of a job centre and three people were arrested because the type of Cars were not reconciled with the receipt of social benefits.

A sports car from BMW, an off-road vehicle from Mercedes, two sedans: The Duisburg police confiscated a total of seven cars at checks in front of job centres (Labour Offices).

It suspected that some beneficiaries were driving vehicles that were "incompatible with their social benefits, a police report said. "It's not fitting that someone who gets, for example, unemployment benefit II drives a car worth tens of thousands of euros." After receiving the relevant information, they decided to take control. The cars are with a towing company, said a police spokeswoman.

According to the police spokeswoman, criminal proceedings have now been instituted against the drivers to investigate whether they were wrongfully receiving social benefits. During the investigation period the vehicles will remain in the yard of a towing company.

During the controls, the police also managed a coincidence. Two persons wanted by arrest warrant were identified and arrested. Three other cars were also confiscated because they were no longer safe. A total of 15 criminal charges were filed.

Francis Tawiah (Duisburg - Germany)

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