Opinion | Sep 9, 2018

NPP Government Fanning Tribalism In Ghana

Ghanaians far and near are beginning to wonder why all of sudden there are forums/seminars/Awards etc all cropping up to further divide us as a people.

The supposed rise of an Akyem President in our current dispensation seems to have given birth to tribalism under the watchful eye and/or directive of this NPP Government , making many non Akan speaking members of the NPP begin to ask themselves question like , are they on the right Boat , is the boat an all Ghanaian boat of just an Akan speaking boat.

We can all remember what the then candidate Akuffo Addo said in regard to making the Akyem Chief the most relevant Chief under his leadership which of course angered some members of the NPP making them literally vote against him at the time . Today, Ghanaians are witnessing a wave of tribalism, making many non Ghanaian residents of the country begin to worry about the future of our beloved country Ghana.

In recent days Ghanaians saw what was supposed to be a peace pipe between the Asantes and the Akyems with a display of what they wanted everyone to see as a unity Durbar. While this was going on the NPP akyem faction were working on what is dubbed as the Eastern Star Awards which is to supposed honour men and women from the region, oblivious to the fact that this sets the stage for further division of our people. because what this translate to is for every other region to start awarding men and women from that region. A British expat joked with a comment like , perhaps the Chiefs from all the coastal regions should form an alliance to also counter what Ghanaians witness between the Akyems and the Asantes, but of course he is Brit so it’s taken as a joke.

The NPP Government should embark on projects that would build the various tribes as opposed to divide them through twist historical facts that they seem to peddle in now. Ghanaians left , right and Center should wake up to these subtle divisional approaches sanctioned by the current president , else the collective future of Ghana could be in danger . The NDC party being the biggest opposition party in the country today shouldn’t sit and watch unconcerned , rather the NDC along with all the other political parties should start ringing the alarms bells need to stop this tribal divisions in the very tracks its being built onto. Media houses with good standing , reputation and integrity should also not stand aloft and allow these sentiments to be fostered on their platform , all Ghanaians are equal under the laws of our beautiful nation and we should therefore all hold up our heads up in the air with pride and confident for being Ghanaian.

The #lAMGHANAIAN movement has just started and the entire leadership of the NDC party should make it a point to eat/breathe and live the #IAMGHANAIAN.

A word to the wise we all know is not in the north/nose alone. Let’s protect our Ghanaian heritage and stop the rise of tribalism.

A Dodoo
NDC Holland / Social Commentator

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