Headlines | Sep 8, 2018

Helpless Police Lands Seized …By Land Guards In Military Camouflage

Intelligence gathered by The Chronicle from impeccable sources suggest looming bloodshed at Fiankonya, near Dodowa, as unidentified groups have reportedly vowed to run over persons in military uniforms, who, without cause, have seized a large tract of land belonging to both serving and retired police personnel and are seriously doing sand winning.

The said tract of land was sold to the police personnel by a real estate developer, Netas Properties and Investments. However, a claimant to the land has emerged, disputing the status of the guarantor.

The military authorities had earlier denied sanctioning any operation in that area.

The denial by the military exposes these people as an illegal group, and are, therefore, a threat to national security.

Dressed in ordinary T-shirts over military camouflage trousers, matched with un-prescribed boots, the members of the group are reported to be harassing the serving and retired police officers, who tried to commence developing their acquired plots.

Some of the residents who spoke to The Chronicle said they are living in fear, because the police, who are supposed to protect them, are themselves being harassed by these land guards.

They appealed to the state security agencies to rescue them from the hands of the land guards before the unexpected happens.

A highly placed police source, who spoke to this reporter, recalled what happened to two police officers at Ablekuma, near Accra, some years back, and promised that the police would do everything possible to ensure peace in the area

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