Opinion | Sep 8, 2018

The Heart Has No Colour, No Country, No Religion, No Sex

Andrea: Her wise comment inspired me to write this article.

I do write a lot, but I have to admit that some of my writings were inspired by comments from readers or my followers. As writers or bloggers, when we read comments on articles: How seriously do we take them, ponder over them to see their usefulness, significance, and effect?

Many argue that it’s not good to make comment, but I say that it’s good to comment on articles, but if you don’t have anything significant to say, please shut your mouth, because your comment can give you the respect you deserve and the same comment can give you disrespect because of the bad things you said.

Believe me some comments worth more than silver and gold. It can change one’s life and the way you think, especially if you don't have any love in your heart for someone.

There are many problems and almost all these problems were caused by man. Pride, superiority, tribalism, and racism are some of the problems tearing our society apart today, yet no one wants to be called a racist.

Recently I posted an article captioned “Who Says There Is No Happiness Or Love In Africa?” on my blog 'A Mixture Of Periodicals,' and was later published on ModernGhana. Who Says There Is No Happiness Or Love In Africa? - Modern Ghana.

The fact that Africa is a continent which has suffered many wars, ethnic conflicts, slavery, and man-made diseases, many think they don’t have the love for each other. Frankly speaking, a poor African can easily share his food with a friend, than a rich man in a developed country.

This particular article I wrote didn’t generate much comment, but the only comment I had was awesome and inspiring. It touched my soul to read it over and over, allowing it to germinate in me, to add it to the little I have and share with others.

According to blogger Andrea, who runs this Italian blog: ‘Libera mente & Critica mente’: ('Free mind & Critic mind')

Each person has a heart, and in each heart there is Love.

So every one of us has Love in his/her heart.

The heart has no colour, no Country, no religion, no sex.

So Love has no colour, no Country, no religion, no sex.

Too many times, unfortunately, people forget to be human, and that have a heart…


I hope everyone agrees with me that this quotation or comment is awesome and carries wisdom? Thank you Andrea.

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