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WordDigest: Five dimensions of faith (3) Speaking God's Word

"And thou shalt speak my words unto them, whether they will hear, or whether they will forbear: for they are most rebellious."

[Ezekiel 2:7]
God called Ezekiel as a prophet to speak through him to the Israelites.

By then, the Israelites were obstinate.Though they were rebellious, God didn't hold back His plans for His prophet.

God put the scroll in Ezekiel's mouth.
What was the scroll? It was the word of God to be spoken to the people.

From this exposition, the third aspects on the series "Five dimensions of faith" is speaking God's word.

After believing Christ Jesus, listening and studying His word next is sharing the message to others.

Some may act cold to the messages at home, school, workplace etc. That shouldn't put us off in the spread of God's word.

Speaking God's word using those spiritual giftings from above can save someone out there.

Everyday God speak to us differently at different times for the redemption of people.

In all things with humility, make God the center of everything.

Speaking God's word is another dimension of one's faith in God.

"Don't speak of your own mind. Rely on the Holy Spirit for God's message" Rev. EZ

We shall continue tomorrow.
Stay bless.
Master Jesus, set my life on fire for your glory, Amen

‚úćReverend Ebenezer Zor
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