Opinion | Sep 4, 2018

The Essence Of Feeding The Body Spiritually

Everyone wants to make money and many want it quick, rather than the search for spirituality, because it is made to understanding that without money and wealth there wouldn't be any success in life. Thus, the love for money and the chase for wealth go on without ceasing, bringing crime, greed, misery and even death to our homes.

When the great teacher, Jesus Christ, was tempted by Satan, "If You are the Son of God, command that these stones become bread." He answered and said, "It is written, 'Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.’ Jesus’ answer indicates that human beings need also spiritual food.

What is spiritual food by the way? Just like we need physical food for physical strength, we need spiritual food for spiritual strength. Why spiritual strength necessary for man?

At every moment we need spiritual strength to fight bravely against fear, doubt, worry, jealousy, and imperfection. Also, spiritual strength helps us to endure daily trials and tribulations, without thinking of ending your life in the deepest crisis.

Evidently, there is no doubt that many people lack spiritual strength to fight some of these unseen forces and immoralities, drifting them into the tunnel of darkness.

The Buddhist, Spiritual leaders and Yoga teachers, can tell one the significance of spirituality because when we pray and meditate, we feel that there is something in us, which is more than eager to satisfy us, than the wealth many are depending on with sleepless nights and worries.

Spiritual strength is acquired through daily prayers and meditation. It gives one the ability to liberate himself and to manifest the Divine on earth. Many rich people even though have thousands of friends, due to the lack of strength in the heart; they still feel lonely and insecure.

It is very hard to forgive sometimes when someone hurts you, but we must try to forgive because forgiveness brings unexpected showers of blessing.

I have said it over and over that ‘Whatever happens to me benefits me.’ Prayers, meditation, the lessons and whatever I’ve gone through in my life, have given me the knowledge and wisdom to raise a happy family, to avoid crime, to avoid being a drug addict or trafficker and keeping me from going to jail.

This makes me feel like a millionaire even though I’ve no penny in my pocket.

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