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Amidu Should Name And Shame Ayariga’s Emissaries

“And those who are sending chiefs and men of God to the Special Prosecutor to intervene on their behalf to try to dissuade Martin Amidu from conducting investigations, from the little I know of the man, they are engaged in a fruitless venture” – President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

During the 2016 electioneering campaign, the main issue at stake was about corruption. Wherever then candidate Akufo-Addo went, he never hesitated to tell the crowd that when he got the nod, he would set up the office of the special prosecutor to prosecute corrupt officials so that the courts could punish those found to be culpable. When the president took over and seemed to be delaying in the appointment of a special prosecutor, the naysayers started their diabolical bring-him-down attitude.

As usual, the he-can't-do-it chorus was sang every day. Even those who believed he could do it made Ghanaians understand that the person who would be chosen by the president in consultation with the Council of State was going to be a member of the NPP who would punish only perceived NDC men and women. Eventually, Mr. Martin Amidu's name was mentioned and they recoiled into their shells to revise a new song. Some said Mr. Amidu was not a card-bearing member of the NDC and others said he was booted out of the party before the party went to opposition. They even did not accept the fact that the man was once a running mate to the late president, Atta Mills, and later became the minister of justice and attorney general when Mills was in power.

Mr. Rawlings, the founder of the NDC and someone who abhors corruption, praised President Akufo-Addo for choosing Mr. Martin Amidu and wished Martin Amidu well in his endeavours and further charged him to go about his duties irrespective of whose ox is gored. A number of well-meaning Ghanaians have also added their voice to the need for Mr. Martin Amidu to hit the ground running and make sure monies that have been stolen or taxes that have been evaded are paid back into the national coffers. Besides, people found culpable must be punished to serve as a deterrent to others. Apart from the NDC members who are jittery about the appointment of Mr. Amidu, it seems almost everybody is happy and in our effort to stamp out corruption, we have all agreed that not even the Pope can stand on our way. Whosoever tries will incur the wrath of God.

The special prosecutor served notice that he was going to investigate Mahama Ayariga for not paying taxes on three V8 cars he imported into the country. Sensing danger, Mr. Ayariga went to some 'criminals' in cassocks who call themselves “men of God” and some good-for-nothing chiefs to go to Mr. Amidu and beg him to drop the investigation. These men did not know that what they did borders on obstruction of justice, which is punishable by law. In fact, as it stands now, they are criminals. As a chief, if you are wise enough, you don't stoop so low, and as a man of God, you don't betray members of your church who also pay taxes. What these groups of irresponsible so-called men of God and shameless chiefs have done has opened their 'underbelly' for insults.

Listen to Mr. Martin Amidu, the citizen vigilante: “I will not tolerate any interference or obstruction from anybody or organ of government other than the courts of law in the performance of the independent function of my office even if the culprit were my only brother”. If a man makes such a statement, one has to look out and be cautious. The president has said that from the little he knows of the man, they (the emissaries) are engaged in fruitless ventures.

In places like China, officials found to be corrupt face public execution if found guilty. But, here in Ghana, if you steal the people's money all you have to do is to run to “men of God” and “chiefs” to go and plead on your behalf. Mahama Ayariga has already proved guilty by running to these people to plead on his behalf. If you know you have done nothing wrong why do you beg for forgiveness? Mr. Amidu has reported the case to EOCO for investigations and I believe something good will come out of the investigations. As far as this case is concerned, the names of the “men of God” and “chiefs” are what is important. Mr. Amidu should name and shame them so that no 'Jupiter' will ever dare come before him to plead for others who have also milked the state cow dry.

Corruption has been the bane of our society and the “men of God” and “chiefs' should have known better. As a result of corruption, this nation which is blessed with rich natural resources moves one step forward and two steps backwards. Since independence, no government of Ghana ever thought of establishing an office of the special prosecutor until President Akufo-Addo held the reins of power. Everybody seems to agree that Mr. Amidu is the right man for the job but sadly some shameless nation wreckers in the persons of “men of God” and “chiefs” are bent on thwarting the efforts of the president to fight the canker. This is a 'holy war' and we are going to fight against corruption mercilessly. Very soon, Mr. Amidu may even enter the churches and palaces to fish out corrupt “men of God” and “chiefs”.

If you play with the tail of a lion, you will end up in the mouth of the lion. Mr. Martin Amidu has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he will not entertain any 'bullshit'.

When the NDC was in power, this same Ayariga carried away three tractors to the Upper East Region and paid a paltry sum of GH¢900.00 for the three tractors. When the deal broke out, the man responded to Ghanaians with contempt. He did not care a hoot because after all, his party was in power. Today, a new Pharaoh has come to Egypt who doesn't know Joseph. Mr. Amidu is the new Pharaoh who has come to Egypt. Ayariga will face the music to serve as a deterrent to those in power today that whatever goes up will come down one day.

Assabit and Abuga Pele are in the 'cooler' even when a special prosecutor was not in office. Now that Amidu is in town there is the need to expand the prisons to accommodate more inmates. The Akans say only those who dance have dangling testicles. As for me, I am not afraid of Mr. Amidu because I have no skeletons in my cupboard. To those who know they cheated the nation in one way or the other, there will be no hiding place for them. If they think they can run away to hide in a foreign country, they are deceiving themselves because the Interpol will be waiting for them. The world today is a small village so they better stay back home to face the music rather than trying to run away only to be brought down in handcuffs.

Mr. Kufuor did not set up office of a special prosecutor but when the NDC left power in 2001, Alhaji Ibrahim Adams, Kwame Peprah, Victor Selomey, Sipa Yankey, etc., found themselves languishing in jail. The worst scenario is about to unfold when Mr. Amidu steps on the accelerator when he starts to drive on the highway. President Akufo- Addo has served notice that he will not shelve any corrupt official in his government so the current government functionaries should look out.

In conclusion, permit me to appeal to the minister of the interior to give Mr. Amidu and his team a very strong protection so that criminals who fear being prosecuted do not harm them. If three high court judges and a retired army officer could be abducted at night and killed in a forest, anything can happen. Now that the issue of sending emissaries has hit the rocks, these criminals can try the unthinkable. I pray to the Omnipresent and Omnipotent God of Isaac to protect them with the mighty sword of David. Somebody help me say AMEN!!!

By Eric Bawah

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