Tributes & Condolences | Mar 24, 2018

A Wild Flower Withers...Tribute To Ebony Reigns

You were part of the garden of life and dared to be different in a way that life's society couldn't just accept.

Like a flower, your beauty stunned many other flowers in the garden of life and your nature aroused the excitement in many others.

The fragrance of your wild nectar was appreciated and patronized by both lovers & haters. You were an expensive cologne.

The sound of your Voice, raised thousands of eyebrows. U were indeed a mover and shaker!

U were the lady whose lifeclass disputed the *grey areas* of *like and dislike*, 'cos your persona controlled both sides.

Many hated and criticised your fashion sense but loved your Voice whilst others ended up blending both to have a good time. U always won the argument anyway!

You were a wild lyric on a wild beat that made wild music for all classes. To me U were a raw talent yet to be unveiled before death came!

You were a reason many parents cautioned their wards to lead exemplary lifeclasss but same guardians couldn't sit idle at the sound of your voice on the TV, Radio or at a social function.

DJs are quite selective on the console with songs to play but skipping Ur songs was a taboo to many. U made many DJ's feel they were super great! But I knew it was U!

U were untamed like a wild herb that caught the attention and admiration of many. Yes! U sedated an entire generation with your talent and personality!

Your beautiful petals were never hidden or buried in a cloak rather U made the world to see it raw and clear! You possessed a charisma that arrested the attention of all and sundry.

Your uniqueness and openness gave you a voice like none other and though your ways were not accepted by our traditional and cultural standards. U still got the masses dancing to your tune.

Through U, I saw the Churchgoer, and uncommitted Muslim who pretentiously lived a lie.

I was able to see the lifeclass that many youth yearned to see and live openly but were restrained by several moral rules, cultural and traditional rules, laws and standards.

Yet, U still accomplished Ur purpose. None criticised Ur fashion sense than me but I never disputed Ur vocal prowess and talent.

U were smashing pretty and very young yet etched your name in the hall of fame and history.

Your life made me a better Christian and an End-Time Preacher! I've learnt to show more love to heal the wounded than criticise the things I don't accept about them!


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