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Trump Is Not To Blame Of His Shithole Statement

The recent statement by America President on Africans and other nations or continent has generated a lot of debate in the world.

In my opinion, Africa and Haiti or some Caribbean leaders are to be blamed for Pres. Donald Trump statement.

I am in Ghana, West Africa so I would specifically base my analysis or deductions in relation to situations in Ghana of Africa. I think statement by America president is a wake up call to our leaders to stop the reckless borrowing, corruption, political witch hunting, protocols in recruitment of employees, laziness, hatred, shallow minded initiatives, and many others. We are ourselves enemies, and this is evident in the life of most of our leaders.

America claims to be super powers even though there is a scarcity or lack of many natural resources that are imaginable in Africa continent. In my opinion I do not see them to be superpowers; I would prefer to call the Asia continent as superpowers.

I would classify President Trump statement into two: regional political talk and he is telling the reality.

Regional Politics in the sense that, they always want Africa and others to be subordinates or subjects to them. Insults, conflict planting and racism are some of their strategies.

Telling the Reality in the sense that Africa is unable to identify and deal with problems. Most of our leaders are self-centered. Africa is the only continent blessed with all natural resources yet the poorest continent in the world.

The only part of Africa that has developed is the northern part. Ask yourself why the North Africans are living up to standard; is it because of their complexion or color? Or is it because they are disciplined; or their religion?

In my opinion the black Africa continent is not developing because of: Indiscipline, injustice, and regional politics.

INDISCIPLINE – in our institutions, traditions, religions, and environment are full of indiscipline. Time wasting, protocol in recruitment of employees, admission in our schools, lateness to work, laziness, fornication and adultery, rejection of made in Africa goods, and many others are examples of indiscipline acts.

In Ghana here, it is evident that unemployment rate is high because of indiscipline. Majority of recruitment of new employees into public sector is by protocol, bribe, or other means; admission of students into our second cycle schools and tertiary institutions are also by ways and means. Misuse of government cars, and vehicles, use of social media during working hours, and many others; self-centered leaders, etc.

Some Pastors and religious leaders who are supposed to do humanitarian work are rather stealing and abusing their followers. Most Churches and religions in Ghana fails to print and distribute tracts and bibles for free, does not give scholarship to students, unable to create jobs for followers to be employed, etc.

A hotel or school may charge in dollars, if you do not have dollars you cannot go there. Do Americans do that in their nation? This is senseless.

INJUSTICE – it is sad in Africa that when a politician or top public official steals huge sums of money he is ask to go free but when an ordinary steals a goat or a coin he is jailed for a number of years. A president or top officials may employ their children, nephews, friends, and business associates or extended family members into public sector even if they do not qualify and deny the qualified ones jobs. In our sports, no matter how skillful or good and disciplined a person may be, if he does not know anybody at the top or pay bribe you would not be selected.

REGIONAL POLITICS – Trump statement in some context is only a political talk. He is wishing for his continent of states to remain super powers as the perception has been.

Whiles America leaders always wish to rule the world, Africa leaders are only enemies to themselves. An African leader may lose an election and would refuse to step down. A president in Africa end of term will exceed and would find ways and means to stay in power.

I think President Donald Trump statement though not healthy is a wake up call for Africans to sit up. We have to learn on how to convert raw materials into finished products. Innovative and respect each other’s initiatives.

In summary some reasons why we Africa is far behind are as follows: excuses, ignorance, fear, procrastination, past failures, unforgiveness, lack of discipline, selfishness, time wasting, negative mental attitude, laziness, wrong company, negative confession, comparison, opinion of others, opposition, discouragement, lack of vision, traditions, disobedience, and sin.


Creadit, Maxwell Kobina Acquah, www.mkacquah.webs.com and www.facebook.com/mkacquah

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