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The Incessant Cerebral Fraudulence By Pro-VC Afful-Broni At The University of Education Winneba (UEW)

I was waiting to see if a riposte will be made to refute the accusation with regards to Afful-Broni’s academic racket. Till date, I have not read any submission that has been presented to once and for all defend his academic integrity. I have read all the incoherent rattling by the former Hgv Truck driver and director of a dissolved company (in 2011) called PAMUSAH Ltd located in his apartment at 63 Newcomen Rd, Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, in the UK. I promised myself I will not dignify his writings by mentioning his name in any of my articles. The title “Professor” is a rank. When writing academic and non-academic papers, we do not use the title. Rather, we indicate, for example, Yaw Ameyaw, Ph.D.

However in most circumstances, we just write Antwi Danso, Isaac Brako or Dandy Dampson without indicating if the individual is a professor or has a terminal degree. In addition, I choose when to use this title or when not to use it. I do have that superfluity. After all, a tiger does not go about proclaiming its tigritude. The Chihuahua indicted me for not using the term Professor Sofoh in some of my articles. This clearly shows how shallow his thinking is. He referred to me as a “baby”. The last I checked, he was born in 1973.

Truth be told, that really makes him a baby in the grand scheme of things. Additionally, it appears he has now become the official mouth piece of Afful-Broni and Abakah. Colleagues: Please indulge me to deconstruct some of his academic credentials. Has this Chihuahua passed the Ghana Bar Exams? Has he passed the British Bar Exams? An LLM is the equivalent of a Master’s degree. How many individuals on faculty at UEW are with MA degrees who are full time faculty and coordinators of a Department? After bagging a law degree, most individuals will want to at first practice law or work in corporate offices. Then later, will attempt to obtain a doctorate or a Juris doctorate in Law to become a university faculty. Unfortunately, our Lawyer in procurement law comes to UEW without a teaching or legal experience. The only experience he comes with is that of a truck driver in the United Kingdom. I am beginning to understand how things have really gone asunder at UEW

My dear legal friend has never stepped foot in court, besides a few short classes he claimed he took at the Ghana Law school. He says he has a diploma in education. When did anyone with only a diploma in education without ever teaching get hired to be a full time teacher at the university level in a teacher training institution? Additionally, when you write a rejoinder, the first place you ought to respond to the prior article is on the same platform (Modern Ghana). Interestingly, enough, the “Lawyer” decided to open a deluge on (Ghana web). No wonder the readers on Ghanaweb were confused about his article because the dots were not connected to an earlier article. The ‘’lawyer” has missed a very basic principle of responding to rejoinders.

In my writings, I have always indicated that the “armed chair lawyer” often makes reference to some procurement laws of 663, and Acts of Parliament. I have to admit that I am not a procurement officer, nor am I a legal officer. I, however, know that consultants are not hired to evaluate any procurement activity as the “lawyer” mentioned. If individuals have breached a law, by all means let them have their day in court. Of course, not before the kinked judge in Winneba. Nonetheless, my chunter is to root out the monikers strutting as PROFESSORS at UEW. Oh by, the way, I have been castigated for not knowing the full name of UEW. That instead of a comma, I included “in” Winneba. Inevitably the specific law establishing UEW was even mentioned. Is this really important? Everyone knows that I was referring to the University of Education, Winneba. It is really a non-issue as far as I am concerned. Maybe it is an issue with the armed chair lawyer.

I am not going to engage in a diatribe with someone who cannot write to save himself. His writing is all over the place and it is very problematic to follow his diction. His article in Ghana web was replete with insults and accusations. It is a perfect trait of a wet blanket. The Council Chairman that he supports has been on record to have said the following “Aful-Broni is not qualified to be a professor. I do not respect him as an academic. Admittedly his work has been published in predatory journals”. However, all of a sudden Abakah and Aful-Broni have a common enemy so strategically; they have now become part of the axis of evil and partners in crime. Since the defender of the priest cannot come up with a credible defense with regards to the articles that others wrote and Aful-Broni comfortably cited himself as the first author or just appended his name to the article, I am presenting additional articles that will show the UEW faculty and the jaundiced Council Chair that this so called man of God is an academic fraud and should not be walking around with the title PROFESSOR.

  1. Owusu-Ansah, C. M, Takyi, L.N & Afful-Broni, A. (2015) Impact of ICT on the use of electronic information resources by graduate student’s electronic resources: Leadership lessons. International Journal of Educational Leadership V 6 (This was a questionnaire based survey conducted by Owusu- Ansah, Senior Assistant Librarian and Takyi to determine the ICT skills of students. Interestingly enough, in the same journal the following year, it was reported as Afful-Broni, A. Owusu-Ansah, C.M & Takyi, and L.N. (2016) Impact of ICT on the use of electronic information resources by graduate students: Leadership lessons. International Journal of Educational Leadership. From a third author in 2015, Aful-Broni listed himself as the first author in 2016. This is not only an academic fraud, but it should be considered pilfering of intellectual property.
  2. Obaapanin Adu Oforiwaa & Afful-Broni (2013). Gender and promotions in higher education. A case study of the University of Education, Winneba-Ghana. International Journal of Education Learning and Development V#2 pg. 95-109. Adu Oforiwaa I believe is an Assistant Registrar and in the Department of Gender Mainstreaming Directorate. Afful-Broni’s area of expertise is not Gender Mainstreaming. I leave all of you to make your conclusions.
  3. Afful-Broni, A. & Sekyi, F. (2014). Ensuring sustainable development in Africa. A Ghanaian case study of tracking truancy. Open Journal of Social Sciences 2, 317-325. (A predatory journal. This study looks at the academic performance of students at the Junior High School level and makes recommendations to the schools management. This is a thesis that Afful-Broni listed himself as the first author. Another clear illustration of academic deception
  4. Michael Gynsare, Afful-Broni, Nathaniel Boso (University of Leeds), Olivia Anku Tsede (University of Ghana, Lucy Kumedzro (UEW). Effects of emotional intelligence on task performers: Role of Effective Leadership. This paper was presented at the Academy of International Business Sub-Saharan Chapter Conference in Lagos Nigeria (August 17-19, 2016). Another example of Aful-Broni adding his name to a conference as a presenter. The major theme for this conference was “Africa’s competitiveness in the global economy”. This conference was for aspiring doctoral students, research assistants with a master’s degree, doctoral candidates, early career faculty and researchers new to the field of international business and management. If Afull-Broni was a true Professor, his presence at this conference will not be needed. The conference was for junior faculty and students. What this tells me is that, he had his name added to the presentation so he could claim that he had presented at this august conference. Another barefaced illustration of deceitfulness.

What I have attempted to do is to catalogue the mendacity of someone that is appreciated as a man of God. Afful-Broni is someone who has taken the vow as a Catholic priest and is purportedly to be beyond criticism. He is someone who walks around plugging the title PROFESSOR and has fed his lapdogs with the erroneous information that he scored the highest during the VC competition. This is the biggest lie of the century. He performed miserably. UEW will continue to be run like a glorified junior secondary school until we chase individuals that do not appreciate academic excellence out of town.

Aful-Broni is not a serious scholar. He is not even a mediocre lecturer. He has not written or conducted a single research in all his years at UEW. From the outset, he has badgered on the coat tail of others. No matter the outcome of this UEW narrative, Aful-Broni needs to be reconnoitered for academic scam. If anyone needs to write a rejoinder, please do not bore me with procurement issues and go on the curvature. Address the points I have advanced in this thought maddening article. More Anon!

You may reach me at: kewku.sofoh@hotmail.com

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