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UEW Pro-Vice-Chancellor Rev. Father Anthony Afful-Broni’s greed misled Alex Afenyo Markins

Many of us in the NPP here in Effutu, especially those in UEW have been angry with the Member of Parliament for Effutu, Alex Afenyo Markins for taking UEW to court. The purpose of this article is to highlight how he was deceived. Alex, I was happy when you told UTAG executives that ‘I wouldn’t have gone to court if I had the facts’. This was also demonstrated in the affidavits you swore to the court to withdraw reliefs related procurement breaches when evidence was provided by the University. You need to watch who speaks to you about what. Hope you got paid something for your legal services. However, you have much to do to save your political career in the Effutu Constituency. We thought you should have known better. Let me revert to the matter of Rev. Anthony Afful-Broni (Pro-Vice-Chancellor) and the Council Chairman of UEW, Professor Emmanuel Nicholas Abakah.

There is no doubt that Catholic priests are well respected in our communities. Professors are equally respected. I guess we all still do respect these two titles. Please, let us continue to do so. They are pious as far as we know. However, I take time in this article, to chronicle what greed and insatiable desire for power changed a Catholic Priest and a ‘Professor’ to become.

Issues leading to the deception
Afful-Broni has long nursed the desire to become a Vice-Chancellor. When the Search Committee was set up to scout for Vice-Chancellor, Rev. Anthony Afful-Broni forgot that he was a priest. The desire for the position led him to take various actions:

Unfortunately, he came third in the report of the Search Committee despite all the manipulations. It should be noted that, Professor Harrison Dapaah who came second in the interviews is now the Vice-Chancellor of University of Energy and Natural Resources - Sunyani. That is evidence of his quality. Prof. Dapaah, I wish you well. We shall remember you.

The deceptions
Rev. Afful-Broni, however, returned to UEW to compete for the position of Pro-Vice-Chancellor. In some moments of his campaign, Rev. Anthony Afful-Broni, went on his knees to beg lecturers for votes. Once voted, he became someone different, a man on a mission to destroy everything UEW has to offer which does not serve his personal greed and power projections. This was the basis for his deceptive moves towards the MP for Effutu, Hon. Alex Afenyo Markins. I am chronicling the deceptions.

I detailed in my previous articles the destruction and embarrassment that these deceptions have caused to UEW and the Catholic Church. Read the court rulings from the Winneba High Court. You will see how the Judge was influenced by the lies. Read the unilaterally issued Press Statements from the Council Chairman and see how the deception has influenced his writings. The Council Chairman wrote the Press Statements as if he has tried and found some staff guilty of offences although the premise of the statement is that there is on-going investigation. How could such a man serve as a Council Chairman? Now that Council Chairman is scheming to become chairman of GUSS Board? Lecturers would leave the GUSS. It will collapse. Some staff are already leaving UEW. The university is becoming ungovernable. That’s the article of my next article. He should be removed before he concludes the agenda of making the University ungovernable.

Although the court ruling of July did not ask for cessation of contracts, Afful-Broni wrote to stop contractors from working. This is accumulating huge cost for the University as one contractor has already come for variation running into millions of Ghana Cedis. Afful-Broni calls this prudent use of resources. For the first time in recent history, UEW is going to run a deficit budget for 2018. I hear the deficit is in the region of GHS40million.

My next article will be addressing the looming danger to lecturers’ pension in UEW because of the senseless directive to contractors to stay away from site. I will address how GUSS is in danger because of the orchestrations of the Catholic Priest who is supposed to be pious. Rev. Anthony Afful-Broni is now turned into something else by greed and insatiable desire for the position of Vice-Chancellor. Many in UEW think that the Pope Francis’ New Year message was to Afful-Broni. I wonder how a Catholic Priest became filled with materialism of this degree. I wonder what Afful-Broni needs position and money for. I wonder what he seeks to achieve by becoming Acting Vice-Chancellor. It is so sad. Many Catholics in UEW and elsewhere who are aware of the truth are ashamed. Students are ashamed. Lecturers are ashamed. As a Catholic, I am ashamed.

Son of a poor fisherman watching events in UEW

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