Diaspora (Germany) | Dec 16, 2017

Relegating The External Branches Will Be Injurious To The Structures Of The NPP

We want to begin by congratulating the committee that sat down to draft the Recommendations to the proposed amendments of the New Patriotic Party’s Constitution aimed at strengthening the structures of the New Patriotic Party as enshrined in Article 18 of the current Constitution (adopted on 22nd August 2009) for the party to continue to be the most formidable political party in Ghana.

We the members in the Diaspora want to reiterate that we remain resolute to the principles that reinforce the actualization of the party’s vision. Our commitment to the party especially in the struggle to regain power to lesson Ghanaians from the austere economic hardships inflicted on them by the immediate past NDC government remain resolute.

Undeniably, in as much as we are in alignment with most of the issues proposed in the recommendations for the constitutional amendment which is intended to harness the future prospects of our beloved Party, we believe some key aspects of the recommendations if not re-considered will be injurious to the commitment and contributions of the External Branches of the Party.

The recommendations although comprehensive, have some facets that can explicitly dis-empower members of the External Branches of the party who has work tirelessly to augment the party’s campaign to acquire landslide victory in the 2016 election.

The external branches aside our fanatical support to our party’s campaign in terms of Logistics, human resource and financial support, are also capable and willing to hold executive office to continue to contribute to the formal structures of the party.

Therefore any attempt to exclude us from holding positions in the mother party will amount to destabilizing the structures of the party that have collectively struggled to secure victory and are helping our Government to govern.

We want to emphasize that the recommendations should not militate against the vitality of the external branches of the NPP by proposing to relegate us to the background from the Executive structures of the party; thereby proposing to virtually sideline the members of the external branches by proposing to preclude us from holding Executive positions to contribute to building a formidable NPP with our expertise and experiences from outside the shores of Ghana.

Our commitment is to gain the needed recognition and be integrated into the formal party structures. We want to unequivocally state that any attempt to prevent members in the diaspora from contesting any executive office due to their citizenship will be detrimental to our quest to continue to support the party.

Although, the recommendation seeks to strengthen the party's constitution vis-a-vis the constitution of the Republic of Ghana, it is incumbent on the party to hold on to its principles and conventions which seek to give all Ghanaians equal opportunity to contribute to nation building.

We believe it is against this backdrop that the Chapter 15 (XV) of our Party’s 2016 Manifesto plainly stated the party’s commitment and readiness to holistically implement the Representation of the People’s Amendment Law, 1992 (PNDCL 284), as amended (alias ROPAL). In this regard, it becomes inimical to the party’s commitment to fulfilling its promise to the later.

Without mincing words, it is obvious that our Party is motivated to extend the franchise on Universal Adult Suffrage to our diaspora citizenry through the vehicle of the Representation of the People’s law, 1992 (PNDCL 284), and this flagship policy is the heartbeat and desire of the diaspora block.

Inescapably, the Party whilst hoping to implement the ROPAL to enhance the involvement of Ghanaians in the diaspora seems to be shooting itself in the foot if it goes on to adhere to the sponsored amendment by the Parliamentary Group in the Adhoc Committee’s report in Article 3 (c) {iii} a) is granted. The said proposition has undeniably generated widespread displeasure amongst the external branch members.

The members in the Diaspora hold a united concern that this interfering proposition is untenable, non-progressive and inimical to the interest of the larger community of the external branches.

The assertion is made that, this unhealthy policy or amendment proposal runs counter to our own inclinations to implement the ROPAL.

The New Patriotic party (NPP) has been the only political party in Ghana that can boast of a resilient support base among Ghanaians in the diaspora. This is manifested in the 21 official Branches that have been established around the globe. This spans from North-America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and back to Africa.

In addition to the official Branches, there are numerous clusters of organised supporters in several countries that are on the brink of becoming branches. This illustrates the strength and loyalty within the Dankwa-Busia-Dombo tradition.

Rev Alex Acheampong
National Chairman
NPP Germany Branch

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