Editorial | Dec 8, 2017

A Year Ago Today….

A year ago today we breathed a sigh of relief after the prognosis of Armageddon by some prophets of doom failed to come to pass. The predictions originating from them and the general playing of God they performed exposed their trickeries.

The Creator does as he pleases; his ways not ours. When we as mortals, creatures of God have the opportunities to talk about worldly issues let us be mindful about he who controls our destinies: his exalted position not to be toyed with under any circumstances.

A few days to the polls, all appeared to have come to a standstill with the airwaves churning out nothing but election related stuff with so-called Men of God behaving as if they were holding periodic meetings with God. The country was befuddled not knowing what was in store for her: Ghanaians held their breath and counted the minutes and seconds.

Eventually the truth was out for all to see. The man who the prophets said was not destined to become President turned out to be the one most Ghanaians preferred. The word of God and not of those who followed their bellies triumphed. God does not discuss his plans with his creatures, mortals overwhelmed by iniquities ranging from churning out lies about their opponents to open and covert pillaging of the state kitty leaving hospitals bereft of life-saving supplies.

Ghanaians wondered whether their will was going to reflect in their votes given the below average confidence they had in the electoral system. The crisis which dogged the Electoral Commission (EC) in the aftermath of the polls and the swearing-in of a new President provided adequate evidence about why many did not hold the Commission in high esteem.

As faith would have it, the overwhelming will of the people could not be altered in favour of a different candidate.

We have learnt many lessons from last year's polls; points which should guide us in building an electoral system peopled with personnel without cloudy integrity.

The Omnipotent and Omniscient chooses those he pleases to lead without consultations with us. It is outlandish therefore for some to arrogate to themselves the knowledge of who becomes the next president. To play God and claim knowledge about that we do not know is to be pretentious.

The man God chose did not only win the polls, he did so massively and in a manner which left the self-classd prophets taking cover under tables – their reverence dented by the reality on the ground.

Never again should our country be held to ransom because of an election. The necessary infrastructure must be put in place to ensure that the electoral management machinery is above board and one which commands the respect of the people. This way, elections would no longer be moments of apprehension, anguish and despondency.

We demand that the National Identification Authority programme be given all the necessary support to create a database of the citizens of this country – the nucleus of a credible voters' register.

We saw what happened and how we could have gotten to the precipice but for providence. Never again must we be stressed to near breaking point in an election.

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