Press Statement | Dec 7, 2017

Joseph Agyapong, CPP 2016 Flagbearer Aspirant On “One Year After The General Elections; The Fate Of Ghana”

Good morning ladies and gentlemen of the press.

My name is Joseph Agyapong, the (CPP) flag bearer aspirant for 2016. As you may have it on your invitation letters, this press briefing is on theOne year after the general elections; the fate of Ghana”.

I chose this day because it is exactly one year ago today that the NPP government was elected to power again in the democratic dispensation of Ghana our motherland.

I will be touching on some key areas namely; EDUCATION, ECONOMY, CORRUPTION, SYSTEMS, ROAD NETWORKS, NATIONAL DATA BASE AND OTHERS under the current government.

I shall be very brief.
NPP administration led by President Nana Addo, with no doubt have a few success story which I would like to acknowledge,

On other hand, Ghanaians are moving from bad governance of the NDC administration led by former president John Mahama to worst administration for the reason of some unpopular policies introduced by this current administration.

I believe with no doubt that this current administration has men with high qualifications and experience in all areas of nation building, but I am really surprised such people have not managed and handled the economy the way it supposed to be managed in one whole year.

The economy is in its worse state today; everyone is struggling and complainingevery day.

Most people cannot even afford one square meal a day,and majority of Ghanaians are struggling to have a basic standard of living.

All the promises in their so called “ASEMPA BUDGET IN 2017” did not yield any significant results for our people.The currentfinance minister’s recent budget presented indicates clearly that, NPP hasnot done anything differentfrom the NDCadministration to change the struggle of Ghanaians.

I perfectly understand managing an economy is not bymagic; one needs to put correct mechanisms in place.

The NPP administration is repeating the same mistakes made by the NDC government when they were in power for over 20 years.

We all know that, one cannot build a house or structure without laying down a proper foundation.Foundation is the leadership crisis in this nation and in Africa as a whole.

“Sustainable economy always stands on a sustainable foundation”.

Before any economy can yield long term results, it needs proper systems, strong institutions; proper control of corruption and these can never be done until right leaders are in place.

What Ghana needs now is national decentralizing database and not a national Post GPS base.Without proper national database built from scratch, no government will be able to succeed in developing this nation.

I can see that the current government has an idea about systems but their implementation is totally wrong. If they continue in this way, nothing significant will be achieved at their term in office.

Free Education is good and amazing, no doubt about that. I agree and support free SHS but not the way this administration has implemented it.

At least we should learn from successful countries (Developed nations) how they provided free education to their second cycle institutions.

I can confidently tell all Ghanaians that, none of the developed nations such Canada, USA, Western Europe who even have the basic standard of living for their citizens could not afford given free accommodation, free food, free electricity, free water, and all the frees.

None of the government schools from Grade 1 or class 1 to grade 12 or SHS in all advanced nations hasa boarding house facility.

In Canada or USA for instance, children from grade 1 to 12 go to school withintheir neighbourhood or their postal code area without boarding house facilities.

Even if the countries Ghanaian leaders are seeking for funds to develop our nation could not afford this free food, free accommodation, free electricity, and all the frees, what about us, with 75% of our population not able to afford basic needs in life. “What kind of leadership is this?”

Ghananeeds simple systems that will become basic element for all government after government to follow.

I like the idea of NPP administration introducing Ghana ID Card, but not from top to bottom rather bottom up, which is another mistake they are making.

the current administration economic management favours only elites andnot for the ordinary Ghanaians on the street”. Which should not be so!!!!!

Sometimes, I become surprise when I hear NDC criticising NPP with the same mistake they made when they had over 20years opportunity to change the country

NDC had over 20 years opportunity to put systems which is the foundation of this nation in place but failed, and what political right do they have to criticise the same mistakes theNPP administration too is doing.

Until we Ghanaian ask these two parties to stay aside by voting them out, all the infrastructural and systematic development we all looking for will never happen.

Most policies introduce by the current NPP administration have caused the other sector to be stagnant,bad roads are the order of the day in this country. Ghana is suffering from road networking deficiency, We have streets all over but we do not have system to fix them.

As for the environment, the least said about it, the better. Health is another huge problem in this country. “”Employment don’t even go there””, what is the future of our youth this nation?

What legacy are we leaving behind for future generation as today’s leaders?

The saddest aspect in our democracy today is the effort and the behaviour of the other political parties excluding (NPP and NDC).Why saying that?

It looks like all the so called(smaller parties)seemto be okay with their respective positions after every generalelection. Most of them are easily convinced with some small tokens from the so-called bigger political parties to carry their agenda instead of thinking of how to work hard to take political power from NPP and NDC.

These make the smaller parties disorganised and weak to fight for power. This attitude has led us as a country to almost a two party state which should not be so for a country like Ghana.

, no way, something needs to be done.
It is very sad to talk about the current situation of my own party CPP

The Convention People’s Party CPP, the party I belong to happens to have fallen in standard and is now conceded as a smaller political party in Ghana.

“I will now concentrate on my CPP, OUR CPP, and Ghana’s CPP”.

Yes CPP over years has been unattractive and therefore performs very badly in the general elections, but it went worse in 2016 as we all know.

Dr. Nkrumah and Dr Limann left a vibrant and strong political organization (CPP) for this generation to continue with their good legacies. But what are we doing as a political party with great ideology of national development.

Today, few people within CPP have sold our ideology, pride and national developmental agenda for small amount of money that I call a token.

If Nkrumah had sold CPP to the British, how could we haveobtained the independence and the peace we have today in Ghana. . I have travelled over 60 countries and I have understood Nkrumah very well and why he took certain decisions.

Now it looks like CPP is no more, partially true, but at the right time the party will bounce back.

“Let me take this opportunity to advice the so called CPP looters who are just waiting for someone to bring the party back to lime light” and use that as an opportunity to collect money, Toyota Land cruisers and other meaningless things from other parties at the expense of majority of the CPP members.

Theyshould now be careful because we the youth in the party will not entertain those things anymore, and we will stand for our right to save CPP and Ghana as whole.

“Ghana is waiting for CPP government again for the resurrection of the nation’s development”.

Ghanaians cannot wait to see CPP united as a party and fight for their wellbeing.

We can only move forward as a political party whenwe elect or appoint good and trusted leaders.

TAKE NOTE:My fellow Ghanaians, I am not afraid to tell you, NPP and NDC are the same, and they only rule for the benefits of themselves and not of the nation.

God bless Ghana
God bless CPP
God bless you all

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