Opinion | Apr 7, 2017

Delta Force: My Introspection

By way of associating myself with what my big brother has intimated. It really seems that we are embroiled with using ‘big grammar’ in discussing issues that require natural first degree, “common sense” to deal with – at least, by reflecting on how things originate.

I am not being reticent here, neither is it an esoteric knowledge to be clear in our minds that the nation is in a security crisis with regard to the condemnable actions of the so-called regime party-blooded vigilante groups: DELTA FORCE, INVINCIBLE FORCE, BOLGA BULLDOGS, KAMDAHA BOYS, AZOKA BOYS and NII LANTEY BOYS. Of course, their actions are perfunctory, but also constitutionally unlawful.

What the shell hides really matters for me a lot, and this should really be concerning for all of us especially for our future, which we all are green about. For the good of all us, how can our beloved country disband these unlawful groups – let’s suppose that we want to think together? To answer this question, we do not need to spend endless time reading a love letter in the presence of the beloved who wrote it.

The flagship of all this is that the political leaders must be honest and help us address this. After all, the vigilante groups are the proteges of the big-headed politicians. But, of course, the big difference between merely collecting the recipes and actually cooking the eating must be appreciated. So how can we forget JDM and all the ministers who signed the MOUNTIE 3!.


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