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Unpopular, Insensitive, Soul Extinct, Foreigner, Honorable Adu Asare

It is incumbent on all Flowering-Spirit Advocates who are proponents of Open Society and are bent on establishing Democratic Culture in Ghana to vehemently challenge any individual who attacks the personality of a writer on the public domain. The ideas of the Legal Illuminati, Honorable Martin Amidu can be intellectually challenged but do not heap insults on his personality. Anyone who attacks the personality of a writer is demonstrating to the whole wide world of his or her intellectual ineptitude to challenge his opponent based on ideas.

Indeed it is based on the above premise that compels this writer to respond to the pronouncements of Honorable Kojo Adu Asare which appeared on Joyonline on August 04, 2012, entitled, “ Unpopular Amidu is behaving like a foreigner-Adu Asare”. Honorable Adu Asare rants, “ . . .I think he is gotten all wrong. He doesn't seem to fit into whatever is going on. He is behaving like a foreigner and I am not sure even foreigners would want to behave this way when they know the leader of the country we live in is about to be buried. I think he is lost”. This writer abhors the insults heaped on the personality of Honorable Amidu and it must be pointed out to the Honorable Adu Asare that he is member of the august Legislative Body of Ghana, the Parliament and he is expected to bring honor to the august Legislative Body of Mother Ghana by challenging the ideas of his opponents and not to attack the personality of The Honorable Martin Amidu.

The Honorable Martin Amidu is a world class intellectual and Legal Illuminati and if you cannot intellectually respond to his pronouncements and treatises, please do not propagate your intellectual short-comings to the whole wide world by attacking the personality of the intellectual icon. The Legal Illuminati, The Patriot, Honorable Martin Amidu as Flowering-Spirit human being with a soul and conscience was an eye- witness to the diabolical machinations of people in responsible positions to milk Our Mother Ghana to death and he refused to participate in the demonic orgy. How dare you have the effrontery to try to disparage such Intellectual Genius and Patriot? Oh yes! You have miserably failed in your efforts to degrade him in the whole wide world.

There is not a single accessible road network that runs from the south of the country to the north but people who are placed in responsible positions to direct the affairs of the country are paying large sums of money to themselves in the form of non-existing Judgment-Debts. The money that can be used to construct roads to alleviate some of the miseries of the Ghanaian traveling public has been diverted to enrich individuals at the detriment of millions of Ghanaians. In fact, their action or inaction has sent thousands of Ghanaians to their early graves through unnecessary vehicular accidents.

Mr. Adu Asare, there is a positive correlation between bad roads and the untimely deaths of thousands of Ghanaians every year engineered by the Public Relation Officers for Payments of non-existing Judgment Debts parading through the halls of power in Ghana today at the peril of Mother Ghana, The Black Star of Africa. Now, who is being insensitive and foreigner to the gross human degradation in Ghana? Is it you or the Honorable Martin Amidu? Indeed, it is only the soul-extinct like you and your ilk that are capable to stand on an island of indifference to the human squalor in Ghana. The Black Star of Africa, Ghana does not have a single accessible road network that runs from the south, Accra to Paga the north of the country and you are still not ashamed as human beings. Where is your patriotic spirit? Honorable Adu Asare, you have to be a foreigner for not lamenting on the misery Ghanaians go through when they travel from Point ' A' to Point 'B'. Your silence on the gross human degradation Ghanaians are enduring on the road network every day depicts your insensitivity to their plight.

The insurmountable Cost-of-Living hardships prevailing in the country stems from the inaccessible road network. Drivers have to charge exorbitant prices to cart food stuff from the rural areas to the urban centers due to the deplorable conditions of the road network in the country. Food then becomes very expensive and the average worker and his or her family cannot afford three square meals a day and their health deteriorates till they meet their untimely deaths.

The Legal Illuminati, The Honorable Martin Amidu, The Patriot is fighting to put an end to these madness and you call him unpopular and insensitive because you and your ilk have worked our beloved sick President to death and you are now shedding crocodile tears. You are now pretending as if you cared for his well-being, please, stop your hypocrisy. The only thing you cared about is your stomach. The whole wide world knew that our beloved President was not well but you lied to yourselves that he was healthy and you were dragging Our Old man from one place to the other to hasten his death. All the Castle Aids and his inner protégés must be prosecuted for manslaughter for hastening the untimely death of our beloved President.

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