Ghana Freedom Party

The Ghana Freedom Party is a party founded by Akua Donkor, a farmer. This was largely to help her ambitions to become President of Ghana. She was disqualified by the Electoral Commission of Ghana from contesting the Ghanaian presidential election, 2012 as an independent candidate. This was due to irregularities on the registration documents for the election. Akua Donkor who was this time the party's candidate for the Ghanaian presidential election, 2016[1] was again disqualified in October 2016.[2] Akua Donkor hopes to be the party's candidate for the Ghanaian presidential election in 2020. She appeared to back the incumbent President at the time, John Mahama when her candidacy was rejected by the Electoral Commission.[3] The party headquarters was sited at Kabu,, which is a village in the Akwapim North Municipality of the Eastern Region of Ghana. This was gutted by fire in January 2016.