Condo Building Plans for Sale

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Date Listed: Tuesday, February 28, 2012
Price : ¢0.00
Description: RABCON VENTURES is Architecture, Estimating and provision of Technical advice on building and Construction. We offer the best solution, customized to meet your needs; we design all sorts of buildings, including domestic and public buildings. We also provide estimates on your dream house and any other building you wish to construct, as well as give you technical advice that will help you built at a moderate cost. We have been providing, been good, been willing to work with clients on long-term projects. For information Call Office: 233-302-302-333, 233-208-737-352 Monday- Friday: 9am. - 5pm. (Mr. Asare) Join us on Facebook @ Rabcon Ventures
Location : Dansoman
Region : G. Accra
Country : Ghana

Contact Information
Contact Name : Mr. Asare
Contact Phone : +233-208-737-352/ +233-277-128-937
Contact Email : [email protected]
Posted From : Ghana