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Date Listed: Saturday, April 30, 2011
Price : ¢40.00
Description: Learn how to use the latest version of Adobe Photoshop CS5 to become a PROFESSIONAL PHOTO MAKER. Join the video class with professional instructors of Adobe Photoshop CS5, the latest version, at the comforts of your home and learn it yourself without enrolling in school.
Total Training for Adobe Photoshop CS5 extended is learning the way it needs to be,informative and engaging with fast results.
Follow along with real-world techniques, and time-saving tips presented in a clear, concise manner that put the power of the world's leading image editing software in your hands.
It comes with 7 VIDEO CD's in all which contains different areas of study in photoshop and each area with subsequent
topics under them.Its the tutorials on the latest version. It comes with the program(software itself).
Get ahead to be a professional photo maker.
It's very cheap.
Location : East Legon
Region : Greater Accra
Country : Ghana

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Contact Name : Kwabena
Contact Phone : 0242660450
Contact Email : [email protected]
Posted From : Ghana