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Date Listed: Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Price : $149.00
Description: EV SSL can help you to protect your site from phishing scams and gain your customer transactions. True BusinessID with EV comes with the highest levels of identity authentication, up to 256-bit encryption, and the GeoTrust True Site seal, to help maximize your Internet security coverage and online sales potential.

Price: 2 year @ $149.00/yr

Features & Benefits:

• Assures customers of the web site's true identity by displaying the GREEN Address bar and the organization and Geo Trust names in high-security browsers.

• Provides highest level of web site identity verification to help foil phishing.

• Increase customer confidence to maximize online sale potential.

• Provide up to 256-bit SSL encryption.

• Enables EV interface for IE7 on Windows XP clients with EV Upgrader

• Includes a True Site Seal identity verification - embedded organization name/date/time stamp

• Warranty amount is USD $500,000.

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