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Nanny and house manager needed

Posted by rob on Mon, 22 Feb 2016 - [House Keeping]

Our family needs assistance taking care of two young children.

The two year old boy will be going to pre-school soon and will need assistance with morning routines, such as bathing, brushing teeth, diaper changes, dressing, and packing for school. He will also need care after school, including dinner preparation, playtime, reading books, bathing, diaper changes, and food preparation for the next day.

We will be welcoming a new infant in May and the mother will need assistance in caring for this infant. This will include changing diapers, preparing bottles, washing dishes, laundry, cleaning house, etc. When the mother returns to work, the nanny will take care of the infant fulltime as well as caring for the two-year-old boy and tending to any necessary household chores.

Room and board and a salary will be provided.

To apply, please provide the following in your response.
- Full name, date of birth, hometown, and recent photo.
- Contact information (i.e. email, phone, address, whatsapp, facebook, etc.)
- Have you taken care of young children before? (yes/no)
- Do you have a permit to drive a car? (yes/no)
- Have you ever been in trouble with the police? (yes/no)
- Do you smoke or drink? (yes/no)
- Do you attend church? (yes/no)
- Do you have any medical conditions? (yes/no)
- What level of education do you have? (i.e. none, primary, secondary, college, graduate school, etc.). Please list the schools you have attended and any certificates that you have earned.
- Do you cook? (yes/no)
- Do you clean house? (yes/no)
- What are your hobbies? Do you play or watch sports? List anything that you think is relevant.