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Ghanaians Should Pray For Peaceful Elections

Posted by HSPMI , Prophet Emmanuel on Wed, 20 Jul 2016 - [Grand Openings]

Voice of Prophecy: This is God's word Voice Take heed: Take heed National Security
Matthew 24:1-51
Revelation 13
Key verse 24:6 You will hear of wars and rumours of war, but see to it that you are not alarmed, such things must happened but the end is still to come.
Happy and blessed are you who read and pray along with us concerning the deliverance of our people and the nations, because the works of darkness have already been destroyed and the ancient serpent has fallen down into the bottomless pit. Greater is He who has overcome Rev 4:11
There possible likely challenges concerning the upcoming elections 2016 which may lead to strong consequences of national chaos and disorder. This may involve lives and properties, My Country Ghana and my beloved people should pray strongly about this prophecy.
Believers all over the world Let us pray for the country Ghana and her inhabitants. No amount of human efforts, decisions, weapons and security measures can stop satan and his agents. Money cannot stop war. Weapons of Mass Destruction cannot stop war. The only one who can stop war is Jesus Christ the savior of the world and the Lord of the Universe. The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.
I had a very powerful and terrify revelation about our nation, the elections, my people and what is about to take place in the future. It was too close and real that I was terrified to come out.
This is not to cause public panic or disturbance but to help in averting the destruction that is to come on our nation and our beloved people due to power struggle. This is to inform the security council of our nation to be alert be aware of what is taken place in the spiritual realms. This is also to inform our people to destroy the works of darkness through the days ahead and the generations to come.

Rev 12:11 For they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimony: they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.
Indeed, the exact time that this will be taken place was revealed onto me but this should be kept for His Name sake because it has been destroyed and it shall not happened. If Prophetic word comes like this, it has to be given to the people, His people and His Chosen nation. Prophets are meant to Protect Gods People and His Chosen Nation from attacks of dark world. He raises Prophets to guide and protect His Chosen generations and nations from the kingdom of darkness. Brethren do not be disturbed about this message but remember and cheer up for He has overcome.
Our main objective here, is to expose the works of darkness and to destroy it ahead of time and make a public spectacle of the dark world to shame them and embarrass their efforts .Remember my voice, your voice carries tremendous power to destroy every powers of darkness. The Bible says when two or three agree on a matter in the name of the Lord it shall be established in heaven and whatever that shall be established in heaven shall be establish on earth here. Matthew 7:7
Yes Brethren God reveals to redeem and it was for this purpose, the Lord Jesus Christ was manifested to destroy every works of darkness.
In the 37th day of our 40th Thanking and worship, in the last week of our forty days Prayers and Fasting , after the Atmosphere of Miracles . The Holy Spirit gave me this revelation which was so clear, that it was so real that I was even afraid to walk out of my room. It all began like this, during the election period our beloved nation was in the heart of war, where rebels were killing, looting, destroying and attacking innocent citizens, cities, towns and villages doing all sorts of evil in the country. The place where I was living, was a small town close to the university community and we heard that the rebels were about to reach the university community and our town. So everybody, men, women, children etc. should seek refuge as far as they could.
I had been indoors on my knees, praying for a long time for the nation. I was so hungry that I wanted something to eat. I normally like taking Ga kenkey, without knowing this information that the rebels were at my door step. I stepped out to go and buy my normal food (Ga kenkey).
So when I walked out go to the market where I normally take my Ga kenkey. There was no body in the town, the town looked virtually vacant and empty. The market women were not around. The town looked very devastated and vacant, so I was asking myself what is going on? Where is everybody? Ah what is happening? Has the rebels reach us and invaded the place? Those were the questions that, I was asking myself, as I observed the area and how I managed my way to the market. The place was very desolate and vacant, not even a single soul could be found. I realized something strange had happened. I decided to pass through the major street, before I knew it, I saw some few people were left, running for their lives from one point of the town to another seeking means of escape from the rebels. One lady called out that they are coming so I should follow them for my live. I joined them but with intention to get back to my room and start the prayers again. Brothers and sisters, from the market to my room was less than 10 minutes' walk but it took me almost three days to get back to my room, to start the prayers again. I saw the rebels moving from room to room secretly and slaughtering innocent souls both men, women children and even babies. I was so afraid that, they might even come to me. I suddenly came back to myself. Truly, the war was mainly mixed with tribal, religious and political struggles which was been influenced by terrorist activities. This is the message I received from the Holy Spirit this dawn after the miracle hours for my Nation Ghana, In our forty days Prayers and fasting.
Believers we need to pray more and rely on the Holy Spirit more for destruction of the works of darkness about our nation and the world at large and for more revelations about what is about to take place.
Thank you for being our Prayer Partner in the Lord Jesus Amen
Thank You for being part of us in Jesus Name.
Prayer in the Spirit
In Matthew: 18:18-20
18“I tell you the truth , whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”19 Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.20 For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”
Holy Spirit we know you are with us…!!! Have your way, save the nations and bless the generations to come in Jesus Name.
Time of Prayer

Believers all over the world Shall we pray for the nation Ghana and destroy the powers of darkness concerning the nation stability, war and issues of power struggles.
Cover the nation and her inhabitants in the blood of Jesus cover the legislature, and the executive Judiciary Council, the Political Parties, the religious leaders. Cover the nation security in the blood of Jesus… Continue in prayers, back this with three or seven days fastening and Prayers for the Nation Ghana.
May the Mighty Arch Angels of God Protect the nation from all powers of darkness from the spirit of war and destruction. From Blood sucking demons .Demonic agents for Massacre and genocide. May the Holy Spirit protect the nation from destruction of darkness. As the Holy Spirit to arrest them by his lightning and thunder in Jesus Name.
Ask the Holy Spirit to destroy every war and confusion against Ghana that may lead to Massacre and Genocide, destruction in the pending elections. Cover the nation in the Blood of Jesus Prayer in Jesus Name
Ask the Holy Spirit to choose leaders for the nation, not people who have soil their hands with blood and wickedness all because of power. But People who are grounded in Christianity in the power of the Holy Spirit and the word. Ask The Holy Spirit to rule over the nation, the generations to come. Lord be enthrone over the nation Ghana Prayer in the Spirit
Ask the Holy Spirit to bless the nation and to avert any plan of darkness concerning this. Destroy this in Jesus Name. Ask the Holy Spirit to consume them with his lightning, thunder and fire to consume. Strike them with thunder and lightning any rebels and terrorist attack against the nation Prayer in the Mighty name of Jesus!!!…Destroy their weapons of war and their alters. Blood shed alters for sacrifice. Destroy all occultism alters in the country destroy their strong holds in Jesus Cover the nation security, the civilians and the inhabitants in general…Pray for Ghana, Ghana, and Ghana in Jesus Name.
Occultism alters should be destroyed and all blood sucking shrines should be destroyed the fact that we have freedom of religion does not mean satanic practices and human sacrifice…Destroy all these alters in Jesus Name Prayer in the mighty Name of Jesus
Finally, shall we worship him for this revelation bless him and exalt him…Magnify him …Bless His Holy Name for saving the Nation …!!! He redeems He has save us from the sneer of the evil one and the destruction. Bless his Holy name …And Thank Him.
Thank him for saying the nation and blessing us for another generation worship him and acknowledge him Amen. Acknowledge him. He is worthy of our Praise.
Remember I suddenly woke up …and it was so real that, as if what I was happening. Destroy all the satanic alters in the country in Jesus …Let his banner be raised and his glory be seen.
Thank You Lord Jesus
We are hopeful, that this message will help the nation to strengthen her national security forces, implement all effective measures and to intensify it security activities against terrorist and other forms rebellion operations against civilians and the elections.
The Prophet will be available to welcome questions, comments and interviews from the Security Council, electoral commission the media and other appropriate agencies for more in-depth knowledge concerning the security issues of the nation and concerning this prophecy. I hope to hear from you all Thank You.

Believers who may wish to join us in time of prayers may contact us through this medium and team up with us. Or may email Us
To join this move of the Holy Spirit to destroy the powers of darkness. And Make a public spectacles of their activities.

Pray Along With Us in Jesus Name Amen
HSPMI: Our God is a Healer, He is a Consuming Fire…!!!
His Command: Emmanuel God with us
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