By Prince Osei Bonsu

On Easter Sunday,many people found it difficult to obtain seating and have a glimpse of the healing that was being performed in the auditorium of Divine Word International Ministries in VA-USA, by Dr Kofi Adonteng Boateng, as he was being directed by the Holy Spirit on the third day after the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Dressed in all white and waving white handkerchiefs, the congregation sang a joyful noise unto the Lord and clapped in unison, and danced happily, all in recognition of the Resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ on the third day after his Crucifixion.

Led by the Divine Angels and the Divine Inspiration teams, the congregation not only celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but prayed for spiritual breakthroughs against infidelity, financial problems, employment issues, and other unfortunate circumstances.

Preaching at the Mother of all Easter Conventions, Apostle Adonteng Boateng's sermon was based around the theme, “The Storm is Over”. Dr. Adonteng Boateng noted that, " we should live in Peace, Love, Unity, Faith, Joy and lead by an exemplar of being humble as Jesus Christ did before his death… Jesus Christ has brought Salvation,Light,Hope, and Joy into the life of Christians, and all our sins have been taken away .

Due to that, we should talk and behave like Christians, and we should rejoice in the Lord ".

Prophet Adonteng Boateng advised the congregation to live a peaceful life, and to part ways with negative people who spread false information and false accusations about others. April 2012, according to Dr. Adonteng Boateng is a month of new beginnings, which is to be filled with positive affirmations, because “the storm is over”.

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