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2012 Election Petition: We Must Accept Court Verdict When Pronounced

By Coalition Of Ghanaian Voters (COGVO)

We urge all Ghanaians to prepare to accept the pronouncement of the Supreme Court in relation to the 2012 Election Petition when reached by the Court. As a people, we must all play our roles in ensuring that Ghana becomes the ultimate winner.

If we believe that our nation is a nation of laws, we must respect the Rule of Law. This means that a verdict reached by the Constitutional body, which interprets the law and to which we all go to seek redress, must be accepted.

As a people, we are obligated to accept the outcome in good faith, and in the interest of our Democracy, our National Unity, our National Peace and the Stability of our Nation. As law-abiding citizens who believe in the Constitution, we have no other option.

Even as we wait for the verdict, let us use this opportunity to express our sincerest gratitude to the Nine-member panel of the Supreme Court for dispensing its collective duty to the State on behalf of the people of Ghana with dignity and integrity. In spite of all the challenges, most Ghanaians believe that the Court remained focused, showed fairness to all sides and was firm when needed. We also wish to thank the lawyers and witnesses on both sides for tolerating each other in the Courtroom as we watched them on our TV sets.

We call on the media and political activist to remain circumspect in discussing the case and to desist from inflaming passions one way or the other. We also call on all leaders, eminent citizens, civil society, moral society, student and youth groups, organized labour, and all identifiable groups to make the national interest their priority.

As a sign of our determination to place Ghana first and to ensure that when its all said and done, our nation remains peaceful, united and stable, we hereby extent an invitation to our brothers and sisters of Let My Vote Count to join us for a joint Press Conference to urge all Ghanaians to accept the verdict when rendered by the Court.

Our national peace, unity and stability are much bigger and more important, compared to that of any individual or political party. We are again calling for the rejection of violent behavior by all Ghanaians at all times.

We conclude by urging the security agencies to maintain the utmost vigilance and to deal with any persons whom may want to disrupt our national peace, unity and stability.

Dr. Clement Apaak - Spokesperson
Alhaj Mohammed Naziru - Spokesperson
Benard Mornah - Spokesperson
Chris A. Ackummey - Chairman

By: akoaso,Hamburg-Germa

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