Patients In Coma Can't Be Revived–Prof. Akosa Reveals

By The Independent, Ghana
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By The Independent, Ghana

6/28/2013 3:50:26 PM -

A patient who falls into coma in Ghana cannot be resuscitated, a renowned pathologist, Professor Agyemang Badu Akosa, has said, attributing the situation to the high doctor to patient ratio, as well as inadequate medical facilities in the country.

Commenting on a discussion on an Accra-based Citi Fm yesterday, the former Director General of the Ghana Health Service said more than 80 percent of death recorded in the country could have been avoided if Ghanaians took their health seriously.

'It is sad that people take good care of their vehicles regularly but do not even think about going for regular medical check up,' he stated, adding that, the average mortality rate in Ghana was somewhere around 50 years whereas it was more than 75 years in the US, UK and Japan.

Prof Akosa continued, "Whereas in UK every family undergo check up every year that cannot be said of Ghana. In UK, a doctor will call you to remind you of your medical check up every year so it appears compulsory for everyone to go for regular check up.'

Professor Akosa explained further that lifestyle diseases including hypertension, diabetes and stroke have taken over the traditional diseases such as malaria as the number one killer in Ghana.

He has therefore advised Ghanaians to be mindful about their health by undertaking regular exercise, eating the right diet, having enough rest and avoiding stressful lifestyle.

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