To My Uncle Tarkwa Atta – A Tribute (6)

Wofa Panyin,

you cut such

a traffic figure

in the realm

of human rights,

you must be wondering

why all these foreign


are crawling

and vaulting

over one another,


your rights record

was all spic

and span –


these debonair

poets and



have been living

on a planet

yet to be known

and named…


of course,

it is all too clear

by their mien,

skin tones,

hair textures,

accents and tongues

that they belong

to strange lands

and nations

beyond and across

the far-flung waves

of the ocean-sea…

for in Tripoli,

you were completely


and in Darfur,


out of town,

though you never

turned down

a single invite

to carouse

in Sirte,


and Khartoum…

and on those AWOL days,

Uncle Tee,

I must confess,

you put a heck

of us rights


to shame

and beyond;

on those AWOL days,

I felt so deeply

ashamed I nearly


my kinship

and nationality

with you –

Togbui Avaklasu

was no better,

of course,

militant bluster

and all;


Fiaga Avaklasu

was far worse

than your wildest


far worse

than you ever

could have been –

for legend has it,

even as bombs

and scud-missiles

dropped on Tripoli,

in the palatial

courtyard of

the Rat-of-Sirte,

Fiaga Avaklasu,

hat in hand

and crotch,

was darn

too busy


and cleaning

bloodied silver pieces

of dinars

to give

a hoot…

ironically though,


he smugly roams

the streets of


claiming to be

the new messiah

of peace

and joy,

foolishly claiming

had you heeded

his call

to round up,

cage up

your clansmen

and women,

cuff up

the Kufuor gang

and parade it

up and down

the broad streets

of Accra,

he generously

would have added

seven months

to your membership

in our clan –

on the latter count,


Uncle Tee,

you have only


to blame;

for as the gray ones

are wont to say,

if nothing had stepped

on tinder-wood,

it wouldn't

have scrunched…

in short,

my beloved

Uncle Tee,

you made

your cozy bed

with a murderous


and so today

your public image

is tainted

and spattered

with blood…


you are

the perfect


readily mistaken

for a pond

by the naïve


untutored –


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By: king sam