Egypt presidential election results delayed: MENA

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6/20/2012 9:00:02 PM -

CAIRO (AFP) - The results of Egypt's presidential election that were scheduled to be announced on Thursday have been delayed, state media reported.

"Egypt's election commission, headed by Judge Faruq Sultan... has decided to delay the announcement of the presidential election run-off," the official MENA news agency said, without giving a new date.

The run-off, which took place on June 16 and 17 pitted Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi against ousted president Hosni Mubarak's last prime minister Ahmed Shafiq, with both candidates claiming victory.

The election commission was on Wednesday looking into appeals from lawyers of both candidates into alleged campaign violations and disputed vote counting.

In a statement, the commission said it would "continue examining the appeals... which will require more time before the final results are announced."

The divisive election comes against a backdrop of legal and political chaos, with the Muslim Brotherhood set on a confrontation path with the ruling military which issued a new constitutional declaration granting itself sweeping powers.

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