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I act as Lawyer for Honourable Alex Segbefia, the deputy chief of staff at the office of the President of the Republic of Ghana and write on his instructions.

My instruction is that my client's attention has been drawn to a publication on the 21st May news headline on the GHANAWEB SITE under the above caption

My instruction is that the said story is false in its entirety, malicious and only intended to damage the hard earned reputation of my client. My client considers the said publication which seems to create the impression that he used his office to amass wealth as palpably false.

My client further instructs me that he owns no such property. He wishes to state further that since his appointment in 2009 to Public Office as the Deputy Chief of Staff, he has not been involved in any negotiation or discussion in respect of any transaction for the purchase of any property, let alone purchasing the said property.

My client wish to stress that, he has not engaged in any act of high spending in any way nor effected any payments and or fund payments to individuals at the Greater Accra Regional Coordinating Council as stated in the said publication.

My client wish to challenge any one including the said persons behind the publication, that is if they actually exist; to come out boldly if they think they really have a good cause and not to hide behind cyber space and malign him unjustly.

My client will not hesitate to institute the appropriate action against anyone who intentionally smear him unjustly and try to bring his hard earned reputation into disrepute if such a person or persons are identified.

It is my instruction again that my client has been a hard working and dedicated statesman and no attempt at distracting him from his continues selfless service to Ghana will succeed.

Thank You
cc: Hon. Alex Segbefia.

You cant buy love but you pay heavily for it
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