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ASHFOAM Honoured

By Daily Guide

Ashanti Foam Factory (ASHFOAM) Limited was on Tuesday awarded with an ISO 90001:2008 certificate in recognition of its commitment to providing quality products in Ghana.

George B. Crentsil, Executive Director of Ghana Standards Authority (GSA), presenting the award to management of ASHFOAM Limited, commended the company for producing and distributing polyurethane foams products – mattresses, pillows, among others, to customers.

According to him, it was important for establishments to standardize their products, processes and management systems since it leads to sustainable development and trade facilitation.

He said standards also enabled markets to operate effectively, increase competitiveness and provide opportunities for technology transfer and trade, adding that in the current global setting, competitiveness was intrinsic for which reason it must be built into societal goals for a country to achieve sustainable and meaningful development.

'In this regard, GSA has established the Management System Certification Scheme (GSA MSCS), which is the National or Statutory Certification Body to provide accepted management system certification services to local industries to enable them compete favorably on global markets.'

Dr. Crentsil reiterated that the current global market trend required organizations to produce quality products and services that meet customers' requirements at all times.

'Consumers are becoming more informed about their choices thus the need for institutions/organizations to re-position themselves by acquiring ISO 9001:2008 certification.'

He therefore assured Ghanaians that his outfit would support the growth of safety, quality, health and an environmentally-conscious industry by providing certification services that facilitate competition.

Alwan Hitti, Chairman and Chief Executive (CEO) of ASHFOAM, on behalf of the company, expressed the company's appreciation to GSA for the award, saying it was an important milestone in the history of the firm, which is now competing with European companies.

The ISO 9001:2008 certification process ensures that industries operate according to international standards which are geared towards customers' satisfaction.

By Stella Danso Addai

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