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By Gilbert Faarong

I write to congratulate Hon. Alhaj Rashid Hassan Pelpuo. M.P for Wa Central who is also the deputy majority leader of parliament for his re-election as the candidate for the National Democratic Congress of the Wa central constituency.

And I know is it as result of your sterling performance as an M.P which resulted in bringing health, water and sanitation, educational facilities for your constituents which has earned you this massive endorsement by the Wa central delegates.

I wish to use this opportunity to equal congratulate the following personal for also been elected as candidates for the other constituencies in the region.

Hon. Joseph Yeileh Cheire – Wa West
Hon. Alijata Suleman – Sissala West
Hon. Alhaj Hamidu Suleman – Sissala East
Hon. Aminu Salifu – Wa East
Hon. Mathias Asuma Puozaa – Nadowli East
The election of all these people is not an honour due them alone but one to the entire region and the party as a whole.

And I therefore edge executives and members of the various constituencies of these candidates to fully support them to either retain or capture the seat from the N.P.P for that is the ultimate target in the up coming elections.

It is my hope and prayer that the candidate live-up to expectations so as to win the heart of their constituents and help the president give Ghanaians for that matter the people of upper west the “Better Ghana” promised. They should eschew tendencies that will lead to disaffections among the people but supervise and work at uniting them to achieve a resounding victory since president mills will needs a strong majority in the next parliament to prosecute his agenda.

I wish to assure you of our unflinching support and edge you to be fair, firm and live above reproach and discharge your duties dispassionately to better the lot of your people.

I will lastly thank the delegates for choosing these people without any problems. And wish that the president will consider Hon. Rashid Pelpuo in his impending reshuffle for cabinet position.

Long live Upper West
Long live Wa Central
Long live Ghana
Long live N.D.C
Iddrisu Asaadeen
Re. Comm. Team Member
(Contact: 0200954372 /

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