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Unity or 'Ekome-feemɔ' has long been the rallying call amongst Gadangmebii both at home and abroad, and it is with this spirit that the Gadangme Community in the UK has taken the unprecedented and laudable initiative to join together in celebrating this year's Homowo Festival.

This decision, taken over six months ago is even more poignant in hindsight given the recent situation in Accra. The organizations that have made a firm commitment to this event include, Gadangme Nikasemɔ Asafo, La Kpee, Ŋleshie Kpee, and Bishop T Ga Club, with other smaller organizations providing a supporting role.

The event is to be held at the Selby Centre, Selby Road, Tottenham, London, N17 8JL and is to be attended by His Excellency Professor Danso Boafo, Ghana High Commissioner to the UK. Nananom UK will also be in attendance as well as other key dignitaries, Mantsεmεi kε Manyεmεi.

During Black History Month in the UK in October, the group would host the HOMOWO SCHOOL, a series of lectures and learning workshops relating to GaDangme culture, traditions and progress.

In a statement the UK Joint Homowo Organising Committee, set up to oversee the organization of the festival said: “Gadangmebii nyεbaa ei, ni wɔbɔle kutu wɔkpe keha wɔnɔyaa”

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