Ghana High Commissioner in UK Struggling for Recognition and Popularity

By Ghana Students Association in Manchester

His Excellency Professor Kwaku Danso Boafo, the Ghana High Commissioner to UK, has become the most unpopular high commissioner ever since independence.

One would have thought that the poor image that the current Administration is facing in Ghana should have remain in Ghana but calamitously, it has extended overboard to the Ghana High Commissioner appointed by President Mills to UK. The “like-father-like-son” syndrome is so conspicuous, and has undoubtedly affected His Excellency Professor Kwaku Danso Boafo who has been struggling to gain recognition and popularity among Ghanaian populace in the UK and Ireland.

Credible information reaching us here is that the Research and Information department at the high commissioner's outfit in UK has told the High Commissioner that the Ghanaians in UK and Ireland are not amused with him and for that matter the organisers of big Ghanaian functions and gatherings find it extremely difficult to invite the high commissioner to Ghanaian gatherings. Even in a case when he's invited, his invitation would not be made public until that day, just because many Ghanaians will not attend if it is made known.

Ghanaians in UK and Ireland think Prof Kwaku Danso Boafo is the most unattractive, unpopular and less respected Ghana High Commissioner in UK compared with his comrades. In fact, the situation of the High Commissioner's unpopularity is too bad that Mr Danso Boafo has hired some uncultured, arrogant and ignorant radio presenters like one Ghanaian presenters known as 'Mugabe' at radio Focus (UK) and another naive and irresponsible guy at voice of Africa radio 'Space Klortey', making propaganda for him (high commissioner) and his boss Prez Mills just to cover up their ineptitude and their poor image.

In camouflaging Ghanaians and the general public for using the tax-payers money to pay those presenters who have become propagandist for the high commissioner in UK, His Excellency Professor Danso Boafo was reported on Monday 4th June 2011 (Ghanaweb) that “Ghana's ambassador to the UK pledges support for Mugabe with huge money” (a private internet radio presenter in UK). The report says “the Ghana High Commissioner to the United Kingdom His Excellency Professor Kwaku Danso Boafo has pledged support for Mugabe and the United Kingdom's National Cancer Action Team”.

The high commissioner's situation is been worsening daily, so badly that, his Excellency the High Commissioner has been gallivanting like a headless chicken in London, attending every child's birthday parties in London. Recently, the high commissioner openly appreciated a gesture given him to chair a 10 year celebration for one of his propagandist Mugabe a presenter at an internet based radio station that operates within 12 hours per day.

In 2010, the High Commissioner allowed one feckless private radio station called Voice of Africa radio to celebrate its 10 year anniversary in his office (High Commissioner's Office).

Professor Kwaku Danso Boafo is not even known by many Ghanaians in Manchester where we live. The High Commissioner, a Professor, stooping too low to a level, virtually begging Ghanaians in UK and Ireland to do him favour to invite him to their gatherings. I think the high commissioner's situation in UK is getting worse than that of Professor John E A Mills in Ghana. We're told that there was a another 10 year celebration of one FM radio station called Hot FM in London which H.E Professor Kwaku Danso Boafo was literally begging the organisers of the get together to make him a distinguish guest at the program, but the unfortunate thing was that, the organisers refused to invite him knowing that Ghanaians may not attend if they get to know that the Ghana High Commissioner would attend.

A lot of Ghanaians in UK can attest to the fact that H.E Professor Kwaku Danso Boafo has a serious problem with inter personal relationship.

In last year, Ghanaians were dumbfounded when they read one Mr Abdul Muhammad's (Accountant) report that “the Ghana High Commissioner to UK is living like an Arabian king in London”. We can recall that in Nov 2010, Mr Muhammad stated in his article on that “all so soon the Ghana High Commission to London, Prof Danso Boafo is living to the English adage that says an Englishman's house is his castle. Yes he has turned the High Commission in London into a castle and living an ostentatious lifestyle, in fact he is practically living like a king” yet with no performance.

For two years now the high commissioner has not embarked on any single initiative to ensure that Ghana remains a prominent player on the international scene and among the business community.

This is a serious concern to us and we are pleading with the president, Prof J.E A. Mills to do something tangible about this distressing and deteriorating situation at the Ghana high commission in UK. This increasing precarious attitude displayed by the professor has the potential to practically weaken and destroy the bilateral relationship between Ghana and the UK.

Mr. Isaac Agbley Fiagbe.
Ghana Students Association in Manchester (GSAIM)
Manchester, UK.
Contact: [email protected]

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