Severe rainstorm wreck 16 school buildings


May 27, 2011
Tongo (UE), May 27, GNA - The severe rainstorm that hit the Talensi-Nabdam District last week, damaging 16 primary and Junior High schools, had forced many schools to hold classes under trees.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency at Tongo, Mr Francis Ayaaba, Talensi Nabdam District Director of Education, said teaching and learning had been seriously affected.

He appealed to the District Assembly, the National Disaster Mobilization organization (NADMO), NGOs and GETfund to come to the aid of the schools since the rains have already set in.

The affected schools are Yagzore, Sakorit, Gorego, Yameriga, Logre, Kongo, Pelungu, Tindongo and Tenzuk primary and kindergarten schools.

Others are the Yameriga, Gaare-Gbani, Pusunamongo, Awaredone, Buing, Duui and Gbane-Asonge primary and Junior High schools.


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