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By Ghanaian Chronicle

'Judging by the actions of the government and its officials, we are contemplating withdrawing our financial support base for the party, unless our problems are addressed. The period where the baboon dey work, and the monkey dey chop, is over.'

By: Bismark Bebli
THE financiers of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) have threatened to withdraw support for the party in the 2012 elections, if the government fails to award them contracts.

They are accusing the government of stabbing them in the back, after they had doled out huge sums of money to support the campaign of the party, which helped to wrestle power from the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

According to them, after they had sacrificed financially for the return of the NDC to power, the government had left them alone to determine their own destinies, while certain moves were being made by leading members of the government to back known opposition businessmen.

The spokesperson for the aggrieved NDC business kingpins, Alhaji Ibrahim Mumuni, told this paper that they were disappointed with the government, taking into account the alleged subtle attempts to support the opponents of the government at their expense.

'It is disappointing that we have been left to our fate. In fact, we have completely been relegated to the background. Some of us have financed the party, and today, you cannot get any support from the government, let alone any contract. It is a pity for us.

For close to two years into the reign of the NDC, it seems to us that we are still in opposition. What is this?' he asked.

Sounding a warning to withdraw their financial support from the party, and to develop a cold feet towards the activities of the party, Alhaji Ibrahim Mumuni, says enough is enough, and that they had been treated with the utmost impunity.

'It is not they say, we have seen a number of attempts by government to support known NPP businessmen, and we just want to sound this warning to the government that it is digging its own grave, ahead of 2012 general elections, because we cannot work for baboon to come and chop.'

Claiming that they had been made a laughing stock by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) members, he noted, 'we cannot suffer for the party, and the party would neglect us to the advantage of our opponents.

We have now been made a laughing stock. We know ourselves in the industry, and most of our colleagues in NPP do laugh at us, and sometimes say, but you people say your party is in power, but you are still in opposition,' he said.

Ibrahim Mumuni, in a company of five other NDC business tycoons, who declined to mention their names for obvious reasons, stated: 'Judging by the actions of the government and its officials, we are contemplating withdrawing our financial support base for the party, unless our problems are addressed. The period where the baboon dey work, and the monkey dey chop, is over.'

The spokesperson, who stated that some of them had been frustrated by government officials, who most often refused to pick their calls, said they could not believe that after close to two years, the government cannot create room for them to work.

Asking this reporter to go the airport, harbour and many other notable places, he said, 'Yes, the NDC promised to create jobs. We are not saying they should sabotage the jobs of our colleagues in opposition, as the NPP government did to us, but they should stop supporting known opposition businesses.

Go to airport, go to harbour, go and check most of the destination inspection companies, and even some waste management companies, you would realise that the government is seriously backing them, and these companies, some of us know, were formed by the opposition sympathisers.

The NPP grounded all our businesses, and that was why we have fully supported the NDC with all our strength, cash, and time to ensure the victory of the NDC, but no, it looks as if we are still in opposition.'

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