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Educationist calls for the enforcement of the fCUBE programme


Asamankese (E/R), April 29, GNA - The West Akim District Director of Education, Mr Stephen Kofi-Nti, has called for enforcement of the fCUBE programme to ensure that parents whose children do not go to school are punished.

He said despite government interventions to make basic education free in the district, a large number of children in the municipality are not in school.

Mr Kofi-Nti was speaking at a workers' durbar organized by the West Akim Municipal Assembly for workers in the Municipality at Asamankese on Wednesday.

He said for the past eight years, the District had been at the bottom of the table in the Eastern Region when the results of the Basic Education Certificate Examinations (BECE) are released.

Mr Kofi-Nti said many of the school children in the district stop attending classes after they had been registered to take the BECE and resurface to write the examination.

He said many parents in the district did not encourage their children to go to school and called for the support of all parents in the district to help raise the standard of education in the municipality.

Mr G. O. Addo of the Labour Department said children in the municipality could be seen on the streets of Asamankese at night with some of them sleeping at unhealthy places and appealed to the Municipal Assembly to take steps to stop the practise.

He said at funerals spinners had no time to close so late at night children take over the funeral and dance till late in the night and appealed to Municipal Assembly to fix a time for those spinners to close.


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