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Call for Referendum On 1992 Constitution


MR. GEORGE Ayisi-Boateng, a Kumasi-based human rights activist, has advocated for a referendum to be conducted on the 1992 Constitution.

His recommendation follows an observation that the constitution has "a serious problem."

Ayisi-Boateng said the constitution needs to be reframed or redrafted.

According to him, "serious amendments" to some of the clauses are needed, hence the call for a referendum on the constitution.

He said the referendum should take care of the indemnity clause and all other clauses which seem to hamper the administration of the country.

Ayisi-Boateng pointed out in an interview with the Chronicle that government should not count the cost of this all-important national exercise, which he claims would ensure good governance.

He condemned the boycott on the part of some of the professionals for the drafting of the constitution and said the proposed referendum would help shape it to meet the aspirations of the people.

Meanwhile, Ayisi-Boateng has called on the NCCE in particular and civil society in general, including churches to work towards nationalism.

He urged Ghanaians to re-orient their minds to serve the interest of Ghana as a nation and not personalities.

"Until we repsyche ourselves as Ghanaians we will continue to have problems," Ayisi-Boateng concluded.

He said it was not good for one group of persons or ethnic group to rise against another because that derails development.

He traced the country's woes to the 20-year rule by the (P)NDC which, he alleged, had created a bad situation for Ghana.

According to the human rights activist, those regimes had instituted a total breakdown in the normal chain of command and thus planted indiscipline at all levels of human endeavour, creating a societal problem.

Ayisi-Boateng said the state is so polarized that it needs God's intervention for us to see ourselves first as Ghanaians before any tribal considerations.

"We should be able to differentiate between what is good and what is bad," he advised.

bad get more worst when pretending to be good
By: labi mac zion

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