Treat patients with respect and sympathy – Health workers told


Madam Rebecca Domo, Dormaa East District Director of Health service, has urged health care-givers to be client-focused to make the desired positive impact in service delivery.

She was addressing a one-day forum organised by the district health directorate to educate 26 health extension workers recruited and trained under the National Youth Employment Programme on the ethics of the Ghana Health Service.

The district director noted that patients and care-givers often accused health personnel, particularly nurses and wards assistants, of insensitivity to their plight and urged the participants to work to reverse the impression.

“Clients form the pivot of health care delivery and you are advised to regard and respect their rights and to hold them in high esteem to sustain their confidence”, Madam Domo said.

She called for team work amongst the extension workers to enable them to learn from each other and to build their self-confidence in the discharge of their duties.

“Any staff caught engaging in any form of discrimination against patients would be dealt with according to the rules and regulations of the Ghana Health Service,” Madam Domo warned.

The district director also cautioned them against the practice of extorting monies from clients for service rendered, which she said, would not be countenanced.

Madam Domo advised them to endeavour to update their knowledge and skills regularly to enable them to efficiently handle modern equipment or challenges they would be confronted with in their work.


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By: Bismark Omari Somuah