Public holiday Today: Eid-Ul-Adha


Today is a statutory public holiday. The holiday is in connection with celebration of the festival of the sacrifice (Eid-ul- Adha) by Muslims. Happy eid-el-adha to all: Today we join Moslems the world over to celebrate the festival of sacrifice. It is also the culmination of the Hajj pilgrimage. Ghana has a substantial Moslem Community; a fact, which is evident in Ghana's Vice President being a Moslem.He has led the government's delegation to Saudi Arabia. Since September 11 2001, the world's eyes and ears have been on the Islamic world, because the perpetrators of the acts of terrorism against the US had sought to link their crime to Islam. Islam's underpinning philosophy is peace. The word Islam itself stands for peace in Arabic, arguably one of the most developed languages of the world. It is therefore unfair when people fighting for temporal political agenda tend to couple those agenda with Islam. The religion may have been revealed in a certain geographic location, but it belongs to all mankind. It is wrong for any particular nationality to claim Islam as its own. It is for the whole world. So tomorrow, as Moslems gather from all over the globe around the Ka'aba to do worship, what those pilgrims and those of us at home have to pray for is world peace, thereby giving true meaning to what Islam stands for. Islam is a world religion and stands for peace. Let's therefore use the occasion of the Eid-el-Adha to reflect not only about Islam alone, but other world religions and how they can promote the brotherhood of man and world peace. We wish all our Alhajis and Alhajias God's blessings and safe journey back home after their Hajj rituals.


A Bad person needs a fool to follow
By: Boaz Akude