Let`s pay attention to the NADMO boss

By Accra Mail

Mr. Isaac Amoo, the Director of the Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) has been complaining of lack of resources for his organization. This week, he repeated it at the opening ceremony of a national exercise in earthquake preparedness.

He said “Due to lack of appropriate structures at the zonal or community levels, disaster management has so far been weakest at the institutional and community levels where the functions of disaster management should rather be most effective”.

That is a very worrying observation from the horses own mouth.

Professor van Landwijk, a retired geologist at Legon has been bemoaning these same issues for some time now. Indeed, when ADM started, it was with some of these themes that it got going.

We are afraid, almost 10 years on, we cannot say that we have seen our society waking up to the need to invest in disaster preparedness. Even some of our social activities run criminally counter to disaster preparedness.

We still block roads for funerals, outdoorings, weddings and such things. Just imagine an ambulance or fire truck driving to an emergency and running smack into a blocked road…

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By: Boaz Akude