Eunice Banini Pops Up In Saloon

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5/29/2012 1:07:56 AM -

Actress Eunice Banini used to be one of Ghana's most-talked-about and perhaps controversial actresses.

She was also one of the adoring characters TV audience loved to watch in the series 'Efiewura'.

However, she has been missing in action lately.
Last Saturday, she made a rare appearance at the grand launching of Unique Hair Styles Beauty Salon at Community 18, Baatsona.

Her demeanor at the event showed she was not really enthused about the paparazzi attention she was attracting. Her facial expression, after NEWS-ONE lens flashed, largely exposed that.

Eunice was in the company of her son, Selassie Banini, a model. Obviously, age is catching up with Eunice like every other human being.

Eunice is well remembered for her friendship with late actress Suzzy Williams. Both were described as strong characters. Suzzy died in a fatal accident.

Eunice was last in the news for saying she preferred to be called a stubborn Christian.

She had said on 'Onie', an entertainment show on TV3 in 2009 that she would not describe herself as a Christian and that she would rather be comfortable saying she was a “stubborn Christian”.

She explained it was because in her heart she believed in God and did His will but unfortunately she did not go to church regularly.

On that show, she also spoke of some occupational hazards she had encountered as an actress. She recalled a situation where, due to her outgoing nature, a soldier friend mistook her friendliness to mean she was interested in him.

She said on one occasion, the soldier, whose identity she did not disclose, came to pick her up and their next stop was a hotel. According to her, she felt very sorry about the incident.

She advised single parents, especially mothers, to be strong and dedicated to working hard no matter what they went through in taking care of their children, though it was not easy doing that.

She indicated that she was a single mother herself but did not let that situation bother her as she did well in raising her children.

The actress has been out of mainstream acting for years, but has been entertaining her fans via 'Efiewura'.

"No one gets into a fight to loose, but the real loosers are those who quit trying to win."
By: Francis Aka-eri


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