Castro To Face American Embassy And Court Over Visa Fraud Allegations

By Modern Ghana

Not too long ago an article was published by Ghana/Nigerian Journalist Mustapha Ayinde Inusah popularly known as Attractive (Nii Ayinde), with the headline “Castro Deceives Event Organizers in America”. In the article the side of Boogie Down Nima and Dred African Movies were not published.

In a chat with the C.E.O of Dred African Movies (Richard) who is the main organizer of the 2012 after party of the Ghana Parade event in America (Bronx) an event noted for showcasing Ghana's culture with some top Ghanaian musicians, since the issue has gradually taken different dimensions, Richard told that after a few investigations he did about how Castro got an American Visa, he has come to realize that Castro got it through his companies name and companies document and not even through Boogie Down Nima, like Castro and his Manager are saying.

“I started the process to get Castro the Visa. I asked Castro and his manager if anybody is in the position to bring them to America they told me no, before I even started processing the invitation letter for them, I mailed one of the invitation letters to The American Embassy in Ghana and I mailed one to Castro after which I sent an agreement form to Castro to sign. I send $300 to the Manager of Castro (Amess) to start some paper work as he said it will cost him to start all the processes in Ghana, I have also paid for the hall, posters ETC after they agreed to make it to the Ghana Parade, and after calculating the money I have spend in all this processes I will say I have spend $10,000 and over”.

He continued that after all this Boogie Down Nima came to his shop and he gave a copy of the invitation to Boogie Down Nima to read, because he thought as Ghanaians they need to share ideas together, after a few months he was informed that Boogie Down Nima betrayed him and came to Ghana and supported Castro with his document to the embassy, after which Boogie Down wanted to take advantage over the whole situation. He stated

To Richard Dred the C.E.O of Dred African Movies he has realized that Castro, his manager, and Boogie Down wanted to fool him so he is going to take the first step of reporting the case to American Embassy early Monday morning so they can cancel Castro's Visa and after that, he will take the case to court.

“I think in business it should be first come first serve. Castro and his manager are trying not to be fair to me so now I'm finding out from the embassy if the Visa has being issued by my invitation then I'm going to cancel the visa because boogie down Nima want to use him before I use him. And can also see that Castro and his Manager are trying to bring conflict between me and Boogie down which we are not ready for because we think we are all Ghanaians and need to respect each other for that” he grieved.

He added that he has been tolerant enough over the issue because of their Ghanaian background but since no one is ready to sympathize with him, he is going to take action's to report the case to the America Embassy and also sue them for defrauding him.

All efforts to get Castro and his manager to respond to this issue failed.


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By: Seidu Batuga