Honey Choochi Choochi covers Tonto Dike's booty

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Several months after Nigerian screen diva, Tonto Dike was reported to have abandoned her role and enplaned to her Nollywood-base in the middle of a shooting in Ghana, the CEO of Young Father Production, Ruffy Samuel Quansah, is now on a 'cleaning mission' to protect the actress' image. 

Ruffy, who is affectionately called 'Honey Choochi Choochi', a name he got from a TIGO commercial, denied any fracas with Tonto Dike. He said the actress never abandoned his set for any reason.

He told NEWS-ONE on Wednesday that Tonto shot two movies with him and that their deals were fully completed before they parted ways.  

“She shot Choochi Love and Love & Lust with me. As we are speaking right now, Love & Lust will be premiered in May. Tonto completed her role before she left my set. Our deal was complete”.  

His comments, however, were not only received with shock as it was in contrast to what the sexy-lipped actress said after the story broke out last year.

It can be recalled that NEWS-ONE reported that Tontoh Dike was caught in an alleged clandestine 'love affair' with Fred Nuamah, an actor and producer.

This story revealed that the latter picked up the former while she was shooting. As a result, she could not complete some of her scenes and left for Nigeria under the pretext that she thought she had finished.

The light-skinned screen goddess confirmed to NEWS-ONE that she could not complete her scenes and that she was going to return sometime to shoot the rest of them.

Ruffy But Ruffy today seems to be neck-deep in a cover-up, saying he had no qualms with her and that he was content with her conduct while working with her.

“It was not easy working with Tonto and I am not going to say it is hard. Movie business is basically public relation, it is about how you carry yourself and we all have our different characters.

So I am used to the fact that I must relate with everybody no matter what happens. Basically, Tonto came with her own character and it was manageable. Her character is basically the character you saw in the movie,” he said.     

On Friday, the Best Promising Actor nominee at the 2009 edition of the prestigious African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) will be premiering his 'Choochi Choochi Love', one of the two movies he shot with Tonto at the Silverbird Cinema.

The movie is Ruffy's ninth production and it stars other big Ghanaian faces as Jackie Appiah, Kalsum Sinare, and Kofi Adjorlolo as well some new ones.

The movie appears to be an endorsement for TIGO network as it bares its soundtrack and other forms, making people think TIGO was the financial brain behind it. But Ruffy denies that and says he is now persuading them to come on board to sponsor his premiere.

Source: newsOne

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