"The Four Boys" Official Trailer

By Bode Ojo

The movie was produced bySylvester Obadigie, directed by Morgan Ukaegbu, and starred Zubby Michael, Paul Sambo, Johnpaul Nwadike, Junior Omoigbaele, Chiwetalu Agu, Angela Okorie, Ruth Kadiri, & Onyi Alex.

Simony production, popularly known internationally for his hilarious 'Blackberry Babes' flick, has just released yet another must-see flick that will not only captivate the viewers, but will invoke lots of emotional feelings regarding the extent of the cruelty of humanity. This about-to-be-released Simony production's movie is not about the usual funny and comical scenes we are typically used to, but as we have been informed, the movie is based on a true life story, regarding the gruesome and unprecedented murder of four young University graduates in Nigeria. This sad incident generated a lot of controversies in Nigeria and in the Diaspora in 2012 and was discussed on virtually all news media.

Based on a true life story, The lead actors 'Zubby Michael, Paul Sambo, Johnpaul Nwadike & Junior Omoigbaele' played the roles of the four Uniport students that were brutally murdered by a notorious vigilante group in 2012. The storyline showed the lifestyle of the boys, which indicated that the boys had great ambitions, and a strong desire for educational, music, and entertainment in general. Until that unprecedented tragic and horrific incident occurred after the boys were wrongfully accused of stealing laptops and phones. There is a lot of twist to the story, as it was indicated that one of the four boys had previously loaned his friend a lump sum of money before, which was one of the key factors that led to that horrific incident.