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Popular Yoruba actress,Lizzy Anjorin is name that rings a bell in the movie world.

The pretty actress who spots a glowing complexion is one of the most successful actresses in Nollywood.

She launched into the movie scene 5 years ago as an actress but has taken her career a notch higher by diversifying into movie production.

The beautiful mother of one in a recent interview opens up on her marriage plans.

She said; I am taking my time,I want to get married to a man who will be extremely busy with his career,not an idle man who will listen to all the rumours that some of my colleagues often peddle.

One other reason why I am still single is because I want to accomplish a few things before I get married.As a young girl I still want to achieve a few things because when you get married,marriage will restrict you.

When asked,how come many people don't know you have a child;she said Those who know,know.I hardly go to functions with her.Until recently,she used to live in Jos with her paternal grandma.

Many people don't see Liz as a mother of a grown-up girl like her.

It feels good,I just love my life because there are some things I don't pose about.If I had flaunted her,people would have known since that I have a kid.

The day some of my colleagues saw her,they were shocked and I told them look,I had her when I was in college.I had her 14 years ago,I was 20 then.

That's a long time ago.Her father is late.That is why his mum took her to live with her in the North

Things in the world are more round than the things in the world been round
By: opoku addo