Nollywood Actress Mary Remmy Attacked by Hoodlums

Source: Eddy Ogbuna -
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Source: Eddy Ogbuna -

3/19/2012 3:55:25 AM -

Nollywood Actress Mary Remmy has suffered a nasty brush with area hoodlums in Enugu who forcibly blocked her and her driver on her way to a movie shoot.

It was gathered that before Actress Mary Remy could utter a word, the hoodlums pounced on her and beat her blue black.

If not for the intervention of some passers-by who saw what was happening and raised an alarm, Remmy could have been in much worse condition.

Note : Lol we are happy to tell you that Mary Remmy was not attacked but actually in a movie location shooting her upcoming movie and these are some of the pictures from the movie.

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