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Sultry actresses Grace Amah and Sophia Tchdi-Chikere no doubt have a lot in common.Asides the very pretty and youthful looks they flaunt,their sexy physique and glowing skin makes one doubt the fact that both are mothers.

Pretty Sophia who is married to top producer Tchidi Chikere has 4 boys but still spots a very beautiful figure that conceals her status as a married lady.

The duo were treated to a nice 4 day official outing few days back when they were named brand ambassadors of a new product of one of the big manufacturing companies in the city called Starline Company in Aba,Abia State.

The movie stars who graced the 4 day event that comprised of the unveiling of the products where 5 brand new cars and buses were giving out to some of their esteemed customers.

The products unveiled at the event include perfumes,body sprays,soaps,and other exquisite quality toiletries.

The actresses were chosen to represent the brand because of their applaud able records in the movie industry and of course their pretty looks since the brand is a brand for the discerned customers who love to look good and feel good.

SOPHIA TCHIDI-CHIKERE is as hard to do your duty when men are sneering at you as when they are shooting at you.