If you want to be a tough guy, shave your head

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By omg

8/7/2012 12:05:25 PM -

If you want to be a tough guy, shave your head guys, if you want to look tough in a hurry, studies suggest that shaving your head will man you up faster than you can say, 'Yul Brynner'.

In a recent study at Wharton School, 344 adults were shown pictures of men with hair and also with that hair removed.

The bald version of each man was perceived as taller, stronger, and more dominant, despite looking not unlike a giant newborn. Of course, if you really want to look tough, actually being tough is probably the best route, and truly tough guys wear their hair in whatever style they so please.


"We do as we are told by obeying with exactness"
By: J. H. Larbie

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